10 BEST Beehives for Illinois (2023 Guide)

What are the Best Beehives for Illinois?

Finding the best beehives for climates was not as easy as I thought. Some require extensive assembly, others were poor quality, and lots are just not effective in keeping your bees alive in the winter.

That’s why I created a list of the 10 BEST Beehives for Illinois.

This ultimate guide will give you the best beehives for Illinois, why you should use them, and even how to use them.

10 BEST Beehives for Illinois

#1. Flow Hive Beehive

flowhive classic 2

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Type: Langstroth

Why You Should Buy a Flow Hive Classic for Illinois?

flowhive classic 2


  • When it comes to beehives there are no better ones than the Flow Hive. This beehive kit comes with everything you need to start your beehive, has easy-to-follow instructions, is large enough for any bee colony, and best of all is made with the highest quality materials from New Zealand.

Automatic Flow:

  • What separates the Flow Hive Classic from every other competitor is that it has an automatic flow system. This system was created by Flow Hive itself and makes accessing honey quicker, easier, safer, and even more fun!


  • When it comes to having a beehive in Illinois, size matters. The larger your beehive the better it will be for keeping your bees warm. The Flow Hive Classic comes with either 6 or 7 frames making it perfect for winter and cold weather climates.

Why you Shouldn’t Buy a Flow Hive Classic


  • If you are shopping for beehives you’ll notice they are all around the same price. Except for the Flow Hive. If you don’t want to spend more than a couple hundred dollars then this beehive kit isn’t for you.

Filtered honey:

  • If you want unfiltered honey then this beehive is not for you. This beehive crushes the honeycomb and filters out the pollen that so many beekeepers like and used.

Additional Resources

Learn more about me and my good friend birdwatchinghq’s experience with the flowhive HERE.

#2. Flow Hive Classic

flow hive 2 pic

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Type: Langstroth

Why You Buy a FlowHive Classic 2 for Illinois?

flowhive classic

Adjustable Hive Stand:

  • Most hives don’t come with a stand. This means rodents and pests can get into them and they can easily fall over. Not the FlowHive 2 +. This beehive comes with an adjustable hive stand making it perfect for any space in your yard or garden.

Ant Guards:

  • Another common problem with using beehives is that ants can quickly come to them and destroy your hive and honey. The FlowHive 2 + comes with ant guards that will help prevent the possibility of ant attacks.

Flow Entrance Reducer:

  • One common problem with most beehives is that cold can quickly penetrate a beehive hurting your bee colony. Not only this but pests and predators can also destroy your beehive. The FlowHive 2 + comes with a flow entrance reducer that eliminates cool breezes and reduces the possibility of pests.


  • Like the Flow Hive, the Flow Hive Classic can be purchased as a 7-frame beehive which makes it perfect for bees or beekeeping in cooler climates, like Illinois’s winter.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a FlowHive 2+


  • The FlowHive 2 + is the most expensive beehive kit on the list. While it is the best, it also comes with a lot of bells and whistles that most beginner beekeepers may not need.

Additional Resources

The FlowHive company was the innovator of filtering honey through a system that does not involve you disrupting your bee colony and helps reduces the risks to you and your family.

#3. Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive

Golden Palace Auto Flow

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Type: Langstroth

Why Buy a Golden Palace Beehive for Illinois?

Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive

Auto Flow:

  • The Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive is one of the few beehives on this list where you can directly tap honey from the beehive straight into a jar. This means fewer stings, less sticky work, and a lot less time getting your honey. R

Easier to Assemble:

  • What you’ll love about the Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive is that it is easy to assemble. While traditional beehives take extensive time to assemble, the auto-flow beehive has simple instructions and can be pieced together in under 30 minutes.

High-Quality Product:

  • The Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive is made of fir wood, is BPA-free, and has FDA-certified plastic. This means you can enjoy honey without the risks that come with wood and plastic that are not properly treated. In addition, the type of wood holds up better in different climates in Illinois.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive

Unfiltered Honey:

  • If you want unfiltered honey then do not buy the Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive. This beehive provides filtered honey and will crush your honeycomb in the process. Typically, this means you won’t get some of the pollen and benefits of unfiltered honey.

Not a Flowhive:

  • The Flow Hive Beehive is the top product on the market for beekeeping right now. While the Golden Palace Auto Flow is a great option at an affordable price it does like some of the bells and whistles that the Flow Hive has. In addition, it also does not have as high-quality of material as the Flow Hive.

Additional Resources

If you want the best beehive for different climates then you should start out with two Golden Palace Beehives. This will give you the best chance of success while understanding what beehive will work for your needs.

#4. Hoover Hives Langstroth Beehive

hoover hives langstroth hive

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Type: Langstroth

Why Buy a Hoover Beehive for Illinois?

hoover langtroth hive

Perfect for Cold Weather:

  • The Hoover Beehive is the perfect Langstroth for cold weather. This 10-frame beehive comes with a complete kit and is incredibly easy to assemble and maintain for beginners. Some of the items included are a wax-coated bottom board, a queen excluder, and an entrance reducer.


  • One of the most unique qualities of the Hoover Beehive is that it is pre-painted. But what does this mean to you? You don’t have to do the guesswork on what paint is best for where you live and it means less time spent on actually assembling and maintaining the beehive.

Patent Quality Material:

  • Hoover Beehives are incredibly unique. They are made of double dip waxed coating, dovetail joints that will hold the hive together for years longer than its competitors, and thick wood to insulate it in cold winters.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Hoover Beehive

Customizable :

  • If you are a beekeeper that wants one beehive no matter where you live then the hoover beehive is not for you. Depending on where you live will determine what type of Hoover Beehive you need and also may cause you to have to spend more money than expected.

Too Big:

  • If you live in a climate that requires a smaller beehive then this hive may not be for you. This is a 10-frame beehive meaning it will store a lot of bees. This is useful in colder weather climates, but if you live in a warmer weather climate it may take your bees much longer than you want for them to fill up the entire hive with combs and honey.

Additional Resources

Did you know the Langstroth Beehive is not only the most popular beehive type in the world but also the easiest to maintain in different climates.

#5. Mann Lake Complete Beehive

Mann Lake Beehive

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Type: Langstroth

Why Buy a Mann Lake Beehive for Illinois?

Mann Lake Honey Super Kit


  • If you are like me, assembling any gardening product is a struggle. The best part of the Mann Lake Beehive is that it comes assembled. all you need to do is set it outside and you are all set.

Made in the USA:

  • The Mann Lake Beehive is one of the few beehives that is actually made in the USA. Rest assured it is of high quality and made of environmentally friendly and safe materials. This makes it one of the best quality beehives to have in Illinois.

Why you Shouldn’t Buy a Mann Lake Beehive


  • While the Mann Lake Beehive is perfect for beginner beekeepers with small beehives this product is usually too small for hobby beekeepers. This means you will need quickly upgrade your beehive causing more work and money for you.


  • While the price of the Mann Lake Beehive isn’t expensive when broadly speaking, it is over-priced for the small beehive and the material you receive compared to competitors.

Additional Resources

Did you know large Langstroth beehives are perfect for beginner beekeepers and Illinois.

#6. NuBee Beehive Starter Kit

NuBee beehive Kit

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Type: Langstroth

Why Buy a NuBee Beehive for Illinois?

NuBee Beehive Kit 2

Most Complete Beehive Kit:

  • If you are a beginner beekeeper that wants a kit that includes everything you need without having to make additional purchases years later then buy a NuBee Beehive. This kit will come with over 30 pieces and has everything you’ll ever need for Illinois.


  • While most competitor products only have partial frames coated in wax the NuBee Starter Kit has every frame coated with beeswax. This means more honey, quicker.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a NuBee Starter Beehive

Long Time to Assemble:

  • Out of all the beehives on this list, the NuBee Starter Beehive takes the longest to assemble. Plan a half day on the weekend to properly assemble this beehive for your yard.

Wood Quality:

  • Out of all the beehives I have tested the NuBee Starter Beehive has the least durable pine. while this should be okay for most climates and beekeepers, please have an understanding you may come across broken pieces or the beehive may last as long as others.

Additional Resources

Did you know 10 Frame Langstroth is the recommended type of beehive for hobby beekeepers no matter where you live?

#7. BeeCastle Beehive Kit

beecastle beehive 2

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Type: Langstroth

Why Buy a Beecastle Beehive for Illinois?

beecastle beehive

Wax Coated:

  • Every part of the Beecastle Beehive is wax-coated. This means you won’t need to paint it with toxic chemicals, it is incredibly durable and will help your bees produce honey faster.

Perfect for all Beekeepers:

  • This 10-frame beehive is perfect for all beekeepers. Whether you want to start with a smaller hive or have ambitions or start with a large hive this will be perfect for any need.

Money Back Guarantee:

  • Beecastle Beehives are so sure of their product that they offer a money-back guarantee. All you have to do is message them and let them know you are dissatisfied.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Beecastle Beehive

Unknown Brand

  • The Beecastle Beehive gets great reviews and is a solid option for beginner beekeepers. With that being said if you want a well-known brand then I recommend looking elsewhere.

Additional Resources

Did you know a beehive can produce up to 40 to 50 pounds of honey a year?

#8. MayBee Beehive Kit

MayBee Beehive Kit

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Type: Langstroth

Why Buy a MayBee Beehive for Illinois?

maybee beehive starter kit

Many Accessories:

  • Most of the beehives on this list don’t come with accessories. The MayBee Beehive comes with beekeeping gloves, a brush, a knife, etc. This is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to beehive kits.


  • Most beehives on this list are mass-produced. Not the MayBee Beehive. This beehive is handpicked and then manually treated with wax and cured to make it durable and easy to use for beginner beekeepers.

Why you Shouldn’t Buy a MayBee Beehive


  • Like several beehives on this list, the MayBee beehive is a new and smaller company. This means you’ll find fewer reviews than competitors and sometimes not as good of a product overall.

Additional Resources

Did you know most successful beekeepers will need a bee knife, mask and proper safety gear, and a smoker to help make beekeeping as enjoyable as possible?

#9. Mann Lake Super Hive Kit

Mann Lake Complete Beehive

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Type: Langstroth

Why Buy a Mann Lake Super Hive Kit for Illinois?

Mann Lake Complete Honey Super Kit


  • If you want a starter beehive that is reasonably priced then look no further than the Mann Lake Super Beehive Kit. This beehive kit is priced under $100 and will provide you with everything you need to get started! And for the price it holds up exceptionally well in cold climates.

Already Assembled :

  • The Mann Lake Super Beehive Kit is made in the USA and comes already assembled. The best part is the wood, glue, and wax used makes this incredibly durable and should last you a lifetime!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Mann Lake Super Hive Kit


  • The Mann Lake Super Hive Kit is great for starting a beehive, but if your bees grow quickly or you live in a cooler weather climate it will be too small and you’ll need to buy additional hives!

Additional Resources

The Mann Lake Company does not only want to provide you with a durable and well-suited product, but it also will use some of its revenue to help save the honeybee.

#10. Creworks Beehive Kit

Creworks Beehive

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Type: Langstroth

Why Buy a Creworks Beehive for Illinois?

Creworks Beehive Kit

Superior Material:

  • Out of all the beehives on this list, the Creworks beehive is made of some of the finest materials. The hive itself is made of cedar and pine wood. And it has one of the only roofs that are made of metal. This beehive will survive all the elements of Illinois.


  • If you want a full beehive of high-quality material at a reasonable price you will not be able to find any competitor able to offer it at a more affordable price.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Creworks Beehive


If you don’t have a lot of time to read instructions, assemble, and maintain your beehive then this product is not for you. It will take you slightly longer than its competitors to assemble and maintain.

Additional Resources

Did you know you should place your Creworks Beehive on a black or sturdy surface to prevent it from falling and also to prevent pests from destroying it?

Common Factors of the Best Beehives for Illinois


As a reminder, the below factors are common for the Best Beehives for Illinois:

  • High-Quality Wood
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 Frame
  • Pre-Assembled or Pre-Painted
  • Complete Kit, including wax-coated frames

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