10 BEST Bird Seed for MORE Creepers (2023)

Are you interested in learning more about the different types of birdseed and why Creepers and other songbirds are attracted to them?

After hours and hours of research, I have created the article, 10 BEST Bird Seed for MORE Creepers.

And scroll down to the bottom of this article to find 4 Types of Bird Seed you SHOULD NOT Use to Attract Creepers!

10 BEST Bird Seed for Creepers

#1. Wagner’s Black Oil Sunflower Seed

wagner's black oil sunflower seed

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Nutrition Facts: 17% protein, 44% fat, 24% Fiber

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Hopper, Tube, Platform, Window Box, Hanging Feeders

When it comes to the best birdseed that will attract Creepers look no further than Wagner’s Black Oil Sunflower Seed!

This seed comes packed with high-energy nutrients and a thin shell making it incredibly easy for Creepers and songbirds to consume!

Not only this, but the seed is some of the highest quality grains you will find on the market, and best of all is that it is made in the USA.

And you can’t beat the 25 pounds of pure black oil sunflower seed you’ll receive for a reasonable price!

2. Wagner’s Nyjer Bird Seed

wagner's nyjer bird seed

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Nutrition Facts: 18% protein, 35% fat, 27% fiber

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Small Feeding Ports, mesh tube or mesh sock

If you want to learn how to attract Creepers to your yard then you need to use nyjer birdseed.

While it is slightly more expensive than other bird seeds, it is guaranteed to attract Creepers, finches, and other songbirds to your feeder and yard.

Creepers love nyjer birdseed because it is so small it makes it incredibly easy to eat and digest, is full of high-impact energy nutrients, and is fully consumable.

You’ll love it because there is no waste and it fits into small bird feeders that will attract beautiful Creepers and wild songbirds while discouraging larger birds from taking over your feeder and your yard.

3. Kaytee Safflower Seed

kaytee safflower seed

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Nutrition Facts: 38% fat, 16% protein, 34% carbohydrates

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Hopper, Tube, Platform, Tray

Safflower seeds have a similar nutritional and physical makeup to sunflower seeds, making them attractive to Creepers and other songbirds.

What makes this birdseed stand out though is that squirrels hate its smell and taste and other birds like sparrows, blackbirds, grackles, and starlings also do not like it.

When using this birdseed it is recommended that you slowly mix it in with sunflower seeds due to its bitter taste. If you try to use nothing but safflower seed you may not attract Creepers as fast you otherwise can.

4. Wildlife Sciences Suet Seed

wildlice sciences suet bird

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Nutrition Facts: 63% Fat, 2% Protein, 2% Fiber

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Suet Feeders

Wildlife Sciences produce a melt-resistant formula that contains beef, cracked corn, black oil sunflower seed, and processed grains which Creepers LOVE!

Not only this, but suet is the perfect birdseed to attract Creepers and provide them with the extra fat and energy they need during the cold winter months!

Best of all is that suet seed blocks will attract the most amount of songbirds throughout the entire year. No other seed can compare!

5. Lyric Peanut Pieces

lyric peanut pieces

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Nutrition Facts: 49% Fat, 26% Protein, 19% Carbohydrates

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Tube, Hopper, Platform, Tray

Peanut Pieces are the perfect treats for Creepers in both summer and winter.

What you’ll love about this bird food is that is it 100% consumable with no waste or cleanup for Creepers, titmice, nuthatches, and even woodpeckers.

It should be noted though that squirrels love peanuts, so you’ll want to protect your bird feeder against this garden and yard pest!

6. Cracked Corn

kaytee cracked corn

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Nutrition Facts: 9% Protein, 5% Fat, 74% Carbohydrates

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Ground Scatter or Platform Feeders

This wild bird seed is one of the highest energy sources for songbirds like Creepers making it one of the top choices on this list.

It should be noted though that corn is not an ideal choice for songbirds, but cracked corn is broken down into more manageable pieces that Creepers can consume. Still, you should place the cracked corn on the ground or large feeders to make it easier to access.

If you live in a wet or humid area you should not leave crack corn out for more than one day as it can potentially have fungus on it that can be harmful to Creepers.

7. Kimcoe Mealworms

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Nutritional Facts: 32% Fat, 49% Protein, 7% carbohydrates

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Most bird feeders

One overlooked feature of birdseed is whether or not it is good for baby birds. Kimcoe Mealworms are the perfect high-protein, high-energy food for baby Creepers to grow into mature and healthy adults.

What stands out about this birdseed is that it is 100% organic, farm-sourced, incredibly expensive compared to competitors, and Kimcoe offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

While live mealworms are usually better to use than dry, it is just not practical for most birdwatchers, homeowners, and gardeners in Ohio. And you can’t find a better-dried mealworm product on the market.

8. Wagner’s Delux Wild Bird Seed

wagner's deluxe blend

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Nutritional Facts: 17% Protein, 34% Fat, 24% Fiber

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Hopper, Tube, Platform, Window Box, Hanging Feeders

If you are a beginner bird feeder and bird watcher then sometimes the easiest choice for birdseed is the best choice.

And Wagner’s Deluxe wild bird seed is the perfect bird seed for beginners who want the right mix of food without having to worry about all the complexities that can come with other food.

What makes Wagner’s seed standout is that it comes with sunflower and purpose seeds. This is a “good mix”, compared to competitors that offer seeds that are bad for Creepers and other songbirds like dyed seed, wheat, and red milo.

Best of all is that you get a lot of seed that will feed Creepers for long periods of time at a reasonable price.

And it’s made in the USA which means it will be higher quality grains!

9. Lyric Fruit & Nut Bird Seed

lyric fruit and nut bird seed

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Nutritional Facts: 40% Fat, 30% Protein, 30% Carbohydrates

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Tube, Hopper, Platform, Tray

A popular strategy that works in Ohio for both the summer and winter seasons is to feed songbirds like Creepers a mix of fruit and nuts that provide them with the fat, protein, and carbohydrates they need to stay active and grow all year.

And there is no better product to do this than Lyric Fruit & Nut Bird Seed. This bird seed is made with high-quality ingredients that use patented technology to keep the food fresher, longer.

Not only that, but expect no filler food meaning there should be little to no waste and all the nuts are shell-free making it easy for small and large birds to consume.

It should be noted because of the large chunks this is not the ideal birdseed for small feeders.

10. Backyard White Millet

Backyard White Millet

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Nutritional Facts: 4% Fat, 11% Protein, 73% Carbohydrates

Use THESE Bird Feeders: Hopper, Tube, Platform, Window Box, Hanging Feeders

One of Creepers’ favorite food to eat off the ground is White Millet! And there is no better return for your money than Backyard White Millet!

Backyard bird seed comes with 100% natural seed grown in the USA, comes with an eight-pound resealable bag, and can even be mixed with other birdseed formulas!

And a special trick to attract only Creepers and only songbirds that you want is to put it in tube feeder and not on the ground!

4 Types of Bird Seed You SHOULD NOT Use to Attract Creepers

1. Milo


The most popular type of filler in birdseed is Milo, not to be confused with White Millet. White Millet is a great bird food to feed your Creepers.

Milo is a low-quality grain that makes up a lot of cheaper brand birdseed. Songbirds like Creepers won’t eat it and are generally considered unhealthy by bird experts.

The birds that will eat milo are typically not the ones you want in your yard and will drive beautiful songbirds away.

2. Wheat


If a bird wouldn’t eat a certain food in the wild then it shouldn’t be included in birdseed. Wheat food is typically processed from the wheat plant, which would never been eaten by birds.

One of the most harmful fillers or substitutes for birdseed is wheat.

Creepers would never eat wheat in the wild, won’t eat it, and if they do can cause harmful digestive issues.

And just as bad Creepers will leave your yard and find a better source of food, which is never good for bird watchers.

3. Rice


Please don’t make a common mistake that happens at weddings and feed Creepers rice.

Very simply rice should never be fed to any bird and will kill them. Even if it doesn’t kill them it will harm them and can even prevent them from flying.

And don’t forget to remind family, friends, neighbors, and fellow birdwatchers as this is an easy tip to forget.

4. Oats


While not harmful to Creepers, oats are another type of “bird food” that songbirds won’t eat and only a few birds like grackles and starlings will eat.

Don’t waste the space, money, and energy trying to fill your bird feeder with this type of food.

Other Fillers to Avoid

If you are unsure whether or not a certain type of food should be avoided then don’t be afraid to visit thegardeningdad.

A few other fillers that should be avoided include flax, canary seed, buckwheat, and golden millet.


As I have talked about above, there are very specific birdseed that Creepers are attracted to.

While it is not hard, it does take time to understand when to use each birdseed.

As a reminder…

  1. Look for a bird seed high in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. This will provide nutrition during the summer and winter for Creepers.
  2. Always review whether or not your bird seed will fit into your bird feeder. This is essential for keeping away birds you don’t want to attract.
  3. Stay away from bird seed that has “filler” grains. This is unhealthy for your Creepers and will cause a lot of waste.
  4. There are numerous fillers to avoid. Never feed your Creepers rice, flax, wheat, milo, canary seed, oats, buckwheat, and golden millet to name a few.
  5. It should be noted that the bird seed on this list is reasonably priced, only features the best brands and best quality ingredients, and is perfect for not only Creepers but also other songbirds.

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