4 Best LIVE Goat & Sheep Cams (2022)

I enjoy watching live goat and sheep cams.

From watching baby goats and sheep be born to adult goats and sheeps’ interactions with each other, each goat and sheep cams provide a unique experience.

But I have found it can take a long time to find and check all the different goat and sheep cam links each day.


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2 Best Live Goat Cams

Goat Cam #1: Syman Says Cam, Salem, Connecticut

Syman Says Farms is a 100% Family Owned and Operated Goat Farm.

This Farm has a diverse group of goats that play, eat, sleep, and cause mischief.

From time to time you can even watch baby goats born! As of 2020, this farm is expecting over 10 baby goats to be born! You will not want to miss this!

Not only this, but there are some very special events that happen on the farm on the below days:

  • Wednesday – Whacky Wednesday. Watch the goats eat their special treats, animal crackers
  • Saturday – Questions & Answers. Feel free to ask any question you want about goats and get ready for some laughable answers.
  • Sunday – Watch the farm’s weekly vlog to learn what has happened during the week and upcoming projects.

And if you love what the farm is doing you can buy goat lotion and their special sauce.

To learn more about Syman Says Farms & Goats you can visit their webpage.

Goat Cam #2: Goat Milk Stuff, Scottsburg, Indiana

The Goat Milk Stuff Farm is a family-owned farm that offers tours, lunches, a sweet shop and store, and a baby goat experience.

This farm raises 10-20 baby goats at any given time and uses extra milk for goat milk soap, cheese, candies, and other products.

Because goats are real animals and this is a real farm expect to see memorable experiences, but also prepared to see goats when they are sick and unfortunately be prepared for ones that may pass away.

To learn more about Goat Milk Stuff you can visit their webpage.

2 Best Live Sheep Cams

Sheep Cam #1: Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, New York

The Farm Sanctuary is a haven for over 800 rescue farm animals that are sheltered on over 275 acres of land.

You can watch live footage of sheep eating, sleeping, socializing, and working with humans on a daily basis.

Best of all you get to watch, learn, and have a better understanding of how sheep live day to day on a farm.

If you visit the Farm Sanctuary you can tour it, dine there, and even stay in a tiny home during the winter.

To learn more about Farm Sanctuary you can visit their webpage.

Sheep Cam #2: Linda Mars Livestock Facility, Mount Vernon, Virginia

If you want to watch an unusual type of sheep then you have found it at the Linda Mars Livestock Facility.

This live steam will provide footage of the rare, hog island sheep. You’ll get to watch these sheep eat, sleep, socialize, and live their daily lives.

Not only this, but you can visit this Livestock Facility to learn more about animals that George Washington kept. These animals include cattle, ossabaw island hogs, chickens, horses, and even a camel.

To learn more about Linda Mars Livestock Facility you can visit their webpage.

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Goats

#1. How Big do Goats Get?

goat 1

Goat sizes depend largely on the breed. There are over 200 breeds of domestic goats though.

The smallest breed, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat only gets to 20 lbs. The Pygmy Goat can be anywhere from 50-80 lbs. And the largest breed, the Anglo-Nubian can reach weight of 250 lbs.

In addition, goats can range from 16 inches tall to 70 inches tall.

#2. What do Goats eat?

Goats are herbivores. They eat only plants and their favorite food is grass.

Certain goats will eat moss, small plants, house plants, and even trash if there is no other food around.

Goats grab food with their lips and then grind the found by moving their upper and lower jaws together. Goats have 4 stomach compartments and it can take food up to 15 hours to pass through all compartments.

#3. Where do Goats live?

goat 2

Goats are social creatures and live in herds in the wild. They will also thrive greater as domestic animals if they live in a herd.

During the summer goats will tend to live solo and become more social in the winter when they mate.

Goats can live in grassland all the up to mountains depending on their breed.

#4. How old do Goat Live?

Goats typically live between 9 to 12 years. Some goats can live all the way up to 20 years though.

#5. How many Babies do Goats have?

goat 3

Goats are seasonal breeders.

Female goats give birth to 2 to 3 kids a year.

#6. What are the differences between a goat and a sheep?

There are several main differences between goats and sheep. These include:

  • Goats are independent and sheep tend to stay in herds.
  • A goat’s tail typically points up and a sheep’s tail is shorter and points down.
  • A sheep’s goat requires shearing. If it is not cut it will continue to grow and potentially can cause problems for the sheep.
  • Most goats have horns. Some sheep have horns and those that do are curled.
  • Some goats can jump 15 feet in the air.
  • More people drink goat milk than any other animal’s milk

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Sheep

#1. How Big do Sheep Get?

sheep 1

Sheep are typically 4 to 6 feet tall, but this largely depends on the type. Sheep can weigh up to 200 pounds when fully grown.

Worldwide, there are over 10,000 types of domestic sheep, so sizes will vary.

#2. What do Sheep Eat?

Sheep are herbivores and do not consume meat. They typically eat grass, seeds, and plants.

Sheep chew their food, regurgitate it, rechew it, and then swallow again for complete digestion.

They also require very little water.

#3. Where do Sheep Live?

sheep 2

Sheep were one of the first animals to be domesticated and can live anywhere.

Most sheep prefer grasslands, but some wild sheep can live in the mountains.

#4. How Old Do Sheep Live?

Similar to goats, sheep live between 10 and 12 years of age. This will depend largely on where they live and their living conditions.

#5. How Many Babies Do Sheep Have?

Like goats, sheep are seasonal breeders. They only have 1 to 2 babies, called a lamb, a year.

#6. What Are Sheep Used for?

sheep 3

Sheep have many domesticated uses. They are used for their wool, milk that is turned into different types of cheese, and for meat.

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