10 BEST Marijuana Strains to Grow in California (2023 Guide)

What are the best marijuana strains to grow in California?

Finding the best marijuana strains to grow in California was not as easy as I thought. Some require extensive care, others are prone to pests, and lots are just not easy & quick enough to grow.

That’s why I created a list of the 10 Best Marijuana to Grow in California!

This ultimate guide will give you the most popular marijuana plant to grow, the easiest marijuana strains to grow, why you should grow them, and even how to grow them.

Read THIS Before Growing Marijuana

Knowing what hardiness zone you live in is critical to understanding the best cannabis strains that can be grown.

It can be the difference between your marijuana thriving and providing a bountiful yield or producing nothing.

Below, is a chart that will give you a general idea of your hardiness zone.

hardiness zone map

10 Best Marijuana to Grow in California

#1. Afghan Kush (Indica)

afghan kush marijuana

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Why Grow Afghan Kush?

afghan kush marijuana

Quick Grower:

  • Afghan Kush is one of the quickest growing marijuana strains. It only takes six to eight weeks to flower, making it perfect for marijuana growers both indoors and outside.


  • Afhan Kush is one of the hardiest types of cannabis out there. It is hardy against mold, parasites, and other pests that frequent weed plants.

Thrives in Mild Weather:

  • Some types of marijuana strains can be difficult to grow because they need very particular weather. Not Afghan Kush. This strain thrives in mild climates that can be found throughout most of California.

Easily Accessible:

  • If you are looking to purchase cannabis plants to grow you know it can sometimes be difficult to locate them. Afghan Kush is one of the easiest types of plant to purchase.

High THC:

  • Afghan Kush has one of the higest THC levels, approximately around 20% making it one of the most potent types of cannabis you can grow.

THESE Could Harm Your Afghan Kush

Lack of Sunlight:

  • Like most types of Cannabis, Afghan Kush will thrive with sunlight. Lack of sunlight may cause a delay in flowering or even your plant not growing properly. Because of this it is highly recommended to grow you marijuana under grow lights.

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Dry Weather:

  • Afghan Kush thrives in mild weather. It needs plenty of sunlight, but too much heat or cold will stunt or even kill your marijuana strain. Not only this, but too little water or too much can also harm your plant.

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Afghan Kush will produce 16 ounces per 10 square feet making it a great investment for a little amount of money and space!

#2. Blue Dream (Sativa)

blue dream marijuana

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Why Grow Blue Dream?

blue dream marijuana

Perfect for Outside:

  • Most marijuana strains that you grow usually can only be grown inside. Not Blue Dream. This type of cannabis is perfect for cultivating outside. It can thrive in almost any condition found in California.


  • One of the best parts about growing Blue Dream marijuana is that it requires little to no maintenance. Just plant it and watch it grow.

High Yield:

  • Blue Dreams are especially large plants. They can grow almost 13 feet tall and you can expect an unbelieveable yield of 20 ounces per plant.

THESE Could Harm Your Blue Dream


  • Make sure to provide plenty of airflow to your blue dream. If you don’t mold will quickly grow and destroy your plant!


  • Like mold, you have to keep an eye on pests with your blue dream plant. If you don’t provide airflow it could lead your strain to becoming more prone to being attacked by pests.

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While Blue Dream thrive in sub-tropic climates, it can be grown anywhere especially indoors. Expect a great amount of THC too, approximately 21%!

#3. Northern Lights (Hybrid)

northern lights marijuana

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Why Northern Lights?

northern lights marijuana

Perfect Complement Plant:

  • If you want a cannabis plant that looks like a tree and fits perfectly in your yard and garden then look no further than northern lights. This plant can grow to almost 7 feet tall and looks just like a tree!

Quick Grower:

  • The Northern Light Marijuana strain only takes 7 to 9 weeks to grow and flower, making it perfect for new and sometimes impatient gardeners.


  • Like Afghan Kush, Northern Lights is an incredibly hardy plant. Expect little to no mold threat, resistance against pests, and resistance against other diseases making it a relatively easy strain to grow indoors or outside.

THESE Could Harm Your Northern Lights


  • While Northern Lights Cannabis is an incredibly hardy strain against pests and disease, it still should be protected against extreme weather climates and covered in the winter. This type of weed thrives in heat, plenty of sunlight, and mediterrean climates.

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Expect a sweet and spicy flavor with this Northern Lights and slightly lower levels of THC, around 15%.

#4. Zkittlez (Hybrid)

Zkittlez marijuana

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Why Grow Zkittlez?

zkittlez marijuana


  • If you are an indoor gardener that wants to add an amazing smell to your house then you need to grow zkittlez. Sweet, tropical smells will be smelled throughout your entire house.


  • If you want to add beautiful colors to your indoor or outdoor garden then look no further than zkittlez. This beautiful marijuana strain has shades of purple and green. Best of all is that it is a short and stalky plant that can fit almost anywhere.

THESE Could Harm Your Zkittlez


  • Zkittletz is a relatively easy plant to grow. It is overall hardy and can thrive in lots of regions throughout California. With that being said a lack of care, over-harvesting, or too much attention to this plant can hinder its growth or hurt it.

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Zkittlez has one of the lowest THC levels on this list being around 13.5%. It is also one of the smallest weed strains on this list, which means it can be grown in gardening containers and raised garden beds.

#5. White Widow (Hybrid)

white widow marijuana

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Why Grow White Widow?

white widow marijuana

Fast Grower:

  • White Widow is one of the fastest growing marijuana strains on this list, producing flowers within 6 to 9 weeks.


  • The White Widow cannabis plant will typically produce a higher yield than most cannabis gardeners will expect. Expect 18 ounces per 10 square feet and this is usually the bare minimum that will occur.


  • Because the White Widow produces a high yield and a high THC level it is considered one of the most valuable types of weed that can be grown.

THESE Could Harm Your White Widow Plants


  • While you can grow White Widow Cannabis in a garden it is recommended to grow them indoors and either in a gardening container or in a hydroponic setup. If you plant white widow outside be aware that climate may hinder its growth and yield.

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Additional Resources

White Widow is one of the most potent marijuana plants that can be grown. It has THC levels of approximately 25%, but is still relatively easy for gardeners to grow.

#6. Blue Cheese (Indica)

blue cheese marijuana

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Why Grow Blue Cheese?

blue cheese marijuana


  • The Blue Cheese marijuana strain is another incredibly hardy option for cannabis growers. It is resistant against common stresses like under-watering, pests,and mold.

Lots & Lots of Harvest:

  • Blue Cheese may yield the highest harvest out of the all the cannabis on this list. Per square meter (or slightly under 10 square feet) it will produce 20 ounces!

Quick Grower:

  • Growing marijuana can be hard for gardeners. And the longer it takes to grow weed the less likely you are to have success. That’s why you need to grow Blue Cheese. This strain should only take you 6 weeks to produce flowers!

THESE Could Harm Your Blue Cheese


  • While Blue Cheese is hardy against under-watering, marijuana growers should be careful not to consistently overwater this plant. If you you water it too much it can cause mold and potentially kill the plant.

Lack of Light:

  • Another factor that can harm your Blue Cheese Cannabis plant is lack of light. If you live in an area that does not get enough light you can simply place it under a LED tonight and have success producing flowers!

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Blue Cheese is a marijuana plant that does it all. It quickly grows, it has a large yield, and it has a heavy THC level, approximately at 20%.

#7. Banana Kush (Hybrid)

banana kush marijuana

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Why Grow Banana Kush?

banana kush marijuana

Sweet Smell:

  • Banana Kush is another great type of cannabis to grow if you want to fill you home with the smell of sweetness. Most gardeners will tell you it actually has a very similar smell to the banana fruit!

Perfect Indoors:

  • If you live in an area that isn’t as condusive as other parts of California then you need to grow plants indoors. And the banana kush marijuana stray couldn’t be a better option for indoors!

Fits in ALL Gardens:

  • While Banana Kush thrives in hydroponic gardening, it is also a versatile marijuana plant that can be grow in gardening containers, raised garden beds, and traditional gardens throughout California.

THESE Could Harm Your Banana Kush


  • Humans are the biggest threat to harm this plant. If you cannot provide constant airflow, aren’t going to prune and maintain this type of cannabis, and provide a proper setup (such as hydroponic gardening) then there is a likelihood you will cause long-term damage to the plant.

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Banna Kush is known among the marijuana community for its incredible potency. It has a THC level of 27%, one of the highest rates you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

#8. Gorilla Glue (Hybird)

gorilla glue marijuana

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Why Grow Gorilla Glue?

gorilla glue marijuana

Thrives Outdoors & Indoors:

  • The Gorilla Glue Marijuana plant is one of the few plants that can be grow indoors and outdoors! If you can provide a consistent amount of sunlight in your yard this plant will thrive outdoors and if not just bring it inside and put it by a window!


  • By now you can probably notice a theme. Banana Kush is a type of marijuana strain that will deliver high-yields during harvest. Expect 18 ounces per 10 square feet.

THESE Could Harm Your Gorilla Glue

Lack of Sunlight:

  • In order for Gorilla Glue to thrive it needs sunlight. A lack of sunlight can not harm your cannabis, but also stunt its growth and prevent it from flowers.

Cold Weather:

  • Goria Glue does not handle cooler weather as well as other strains. If you have a wetter spring or fall than normal or an extra dry summer it is best to bring your cannabis strain indoors.

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If you want a potent marijuana strain to grow that is incredibly high in THC then look no further than Gorilla Glue. It has a THC level of 31% sometimes!

#9. Girl Scout (Hybrid)

girl scout marijuana

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Why Grow Girl Scount?

girl scout marijuana


  • Girl Scout Marijuana is highly resistant against mildew, mold, and almost pest that you will run across making it a great indoor and outdoor plant.

Thrives in Cooler weather:

  • While most marijuana strains may tolerate cooler temperatures on occassion they don’t thrive in it. On the other hand, Girl Scounts love cooler weather and will actually produce a beautiful purple shade with crystals.

THESE Could Harm Your Girl Scout Cannabis

Small Spaces:

  • Girl Scout marijuana needs large spaces to grow and branch out. If you have only small spaces expect not to have as much yield or expect your plant to not fully grow or flower like you would like it to. This means if you grow it in a hydroponic setting you should have a large indoor space and if you grow it outdoors it should be in a large garden or yard.

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Expect a THC level of 28% for Girl Scout Marijuana and it should also be noted it has one of the lowest yields at approximately only 10 ounces per 10 square feet.

#10. Durban Poison (Sativa)

durban poison marijuana

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Why Grow Durban Poison?

durban poison marijuana

Loves Outdoors:

  • No matter where you live in warmer climates, Durban Poison can be grow outside. This plant loves to spread out and it can even be grow indoors if you have enough space!

Highly Resistant:

  • Durban Poison is anohter highly resistant marijuana plant against mold, mildew, pests, and harmful insects

THESE Could Harm Your Durban Poison

Small Spaces:

Like Girl Scout Marijuana, small spaces can harm your durban poison. It needs large spaces both indoors and outside to expand, grow, and yield the results that most cannabis gardeners are seeking.

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Expect about 16 ounces per square foot for a yield and expect a THC level of 90%! It should be noted that this strain has lesser effects than other strains on this list.

Common Growing Factors of Marijuana


As a reminder, the below factors are common for the Best Marijuana to Grow:

  • Thrives in mild climates
  • Hardy against pests, diseases, and mold
  • Can Grow indoors and in a garden
  • Can be planted in ALL Types of Garden
  • Has beautiful colors, great fragrance, and is easy to grow and maintain

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