HERE is Morel Mushroom Season in Illinois (2023 Guide)

Do you want to forage Morel mushrooms in Illinois, but don’t know when the right season or best time of year is for it?

Finding the BEST Time to Forage Morel Mushrooms is not as easy as it seems.

Here’s why:

  • Morel Mushrooms have a very short season when they can be foraged and still taste great. And this season can be even shorter if mother nature doesn’t cooperate.

So if you forage them too early they may not be ready and taste bad. If you forage them too late they may not be worth eating. And if you forage all of the morel mushrooms, you might not remember where to find them the following year.

Today, I’m going to teach you the ideal time to forage Morel mushrooms in Illinois:

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This article is intended to be for entertainment purposes only. There are similar-looking types of mushrooms that can be poisonous to humans and animals.

Do not use this as a guide to forage mushrooms. Do not use this as a guide to prepare, cook, and eat mushrooms.

You should work with your local mycological society, foraging experts, and local community clubs for identifying, foraging, and potentially eating mushrooms. In addition, you should never forage mushrooms on your own or use this guide to assist you in foraging mushrooms.

When is Morel Mushrooms Season in Illinois?

As you may have already guessed, this really depends on weather conditions and where you are hunting for them at.

Weather Conditions!!!


Typically, Morel Mushrooms are foraged from late March to Mid-May in Illinois. The warmer spring is to comparable averages the closer to March you will forage them. The cooler the spring is to comparable averages the closer to May you will forage them.

Not only that but there are numerous conditions you should look for to determine when to forage more mushrooms in Illinois

These include:

  • The amount of rain. The more rain, the sooner you can forage them.
  • Temperature. Both the air temperature and soil temperature. The sooner it gets to 53 degrees Fahrenheit the sooner you’ll see morel mushrooms.
  • Soil Conditions. The wetter the soil the more likely you will be able to find morel mushrooms.
  • Location in Illinois. The more southern in the state, the sooner you’ll see morel mushrooms.

Where You Are Foraging Morel Mushrooms!!!

Typical forage season depends on where you are searching for morel mushrooms

  • If you live in a part of the state that gets warmer quicker and has more sunlight you’ll be foraging these tasty mushrooms closer to March.
  • If you live in a part of the state that gets warmer later and has less sunlight you’ll be foraging these tasty mushrooms closer to May.
  • Spring Season
    • If the mushroom you are looking to forage grows in the spring then the best time to hunt for it is between March and May.
    • Black Morels are incredibly difficult to find due to their blending in with nature. Gray and White Morel mushrooms stand out more in nature and are of more abundance.

Where to Find Mushrooms (Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips)

morel mushroom

If you want to tips that only expert mushroom foragers know about on where to find morel mushrooms then see below:

  • By aspen, ash, tulip, elm trees, and in areas of forest fires.
  • On east-facing hills
  • In yards, gardens, the woods, and even in designated areas in parks
  • Under trees, on dead and live trees, fallen trees and stumps, in compost piles, in gardens, etc.
  • In all of the above places after the first rain of spring
  • Local parks typically have morel mushrooms growing and some may even provide guidance on where to find them and how to forage them.

If you want to learn WHEN to forage other mushrooms, head over to HERE and just type in the mushroom you want to find.

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