10 BEST Strawberries to Grow in Texas (2023 Guide)

What are the Best Strawberries to Grow in Texas?

Finding the best strawberries to grow in Texas was not as easy as I thought. Some require extensive care, others are prone to pests, and lots are just not simple & quick enough to grow.

That’s why I created a list of the 10 Best Strawberries to Grow in Texas!

This ultimate guide will give you the best strawberries to grow, why you should grow them, and even how to grow them.

Read THIS Before Growing Strawberries in Texas

Knowing what hardiness zone Texas is in is critical to understanding the best strawberries that can be grown.

It can be the difference between your strawberries thriving and providing a bountiful yield or producing nothing and maybe even dying.

Texas is mostly considered Hardiness Zone 5, while some of the lower-level regions are Hardiness Zone 6.

hardiness zone map

10 Best Strawberries to Grow in Texas

#1. Sweet Kiss Strawberry


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Why Grow Sweet Kiss Strawberries in Texas?


  • Sweet Kiss Strawberries are some of the best strawberries to grow in Texas and for beginners! What separates this plant from others is how fast of a grower it is! Expect berries in your first or even second year!

Large Yield:

  • The Sweet Kiss Strawberry plant is a great producer of strawberries! Expect more strawberries than you can eat throughout summer!

Perfect for Containers:

  • What makes the Sweet Kiss Strawberry a great plant to grow in Texas is that it can be grown in any container. Just plant it in a well-draining, container and watch your plant grow!

#2. Earliglow Strawberry


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Why Grow Earliglow Strawberries in Texas?

Perfect Strawberry:

  • The Earliglow Strawberry is the most widely planted strawberry plant in all of Texas and the United States. It produces a large, sweet strawberry that makes it perfect for eating raw or in jams.

Large Harvest:

  • With the earliglow strawberry plant, you can expect a large summer harvest. Best of all is that it also a high-quality strawberry.

Perfect in Full-Sun:

  • The Earliglow Strawberry is one of the best strawberries to grow in full-sun. Whether in a raised garden bed, traditional garden, or gardening container it does well in full-sun.

#3. Jewel Strawberry


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Why Grow Jewel Strawberries in Texas?


  • Most strawberries and their flowers will die in cold weather. Not Jewel Strawberries. This plant is cold-hardy making it perfect for Texas or any state.

Perfect Storage:

  • Strawberries typically have a very short shelf life after being picked. Not Jewel Strawberries. This is one of the few strawberries that won’t rot, store well, and freezes well.

Large Berries:

  • If you want to grow a strawberry that is larger than most then stick with Jewel plants. This type of strawberry will produce some of the largest strawberries on the planet.

#4. Rutgers Scarlet Strawberry


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Why Grow Rutgers Scarlet Strawberries in Texas?

Hybrid & Hardy:

  • The Rutgers Scarlet Strawberries were specifically developed by Rutgers University as a superior plant. It is cold hardy, heat hardy, disease and pest-resistant making it the perfect strawberry plant for beginner strawberry growers.

Amazing Flavor:

  • The Rutgers Scarlet Strawberry has one of the best flavors out of all the strawberry plants out there. Expect a taste between sweet and acidic.

Perfect For Small Spots:

  • The Rutgers Scarlet Strawberry is a hybrid plant that was developed specifically for Texas weather and small spots throughout any yard or garden.

#5. Flavorfest Strawberry


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Why Grow Flavorfest Strawberries in Texas?

Disease Resistant:

  • One of the biggest threats to strawberries is disease. The Flavorfest Strawberry was specifically created to grow well in wet areas that are more prone to diseases.

Huge Fruit:

  • The flavorfest strawberry has the biggest strawberry fruit out of all the strawberry plants. Not only that, but this strawberry is incredibly sweet and fruitful.

Easy to Grow:

  • The Flavorfest Strawberry plant is also incredibly easy to grow. Plant them in a well-draining part of your yard that gets full sun and provides a little fertilizer and watch your plant grow!

#6. Eversweet Strawberry


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Why Grow Eversweet Strawberries in Texas?


  • Eversweet Strawberries are the most heart-tolerant strawberries in the United States. It can thrive in temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit making it perfect for anywhere in Texas.


  • The Eversweet Strawberry is another type of strawberry plant that is disease resistant. This makes it perfect for planting in the spring when most diseases will affect or kill your plants.

Large Harvest:

  • If you are looking for a strawberry plant that provides a large harvest then plant an Eversweet. This plant will grow to 2 feet wide and provide you with more strawberries than you know what to do with.

#7. Galletta Strawberry


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Why Grow Galletta Strawberries in Texas?


  • The Galletta Strawberry is the perfect fruit plant to grow for any gardener who wants to try organic gardening. It’s easy, hardy, and perfect for all gardeners.


  • If you want the perfect plant to grow and yield fruit in June then look no further than Galletta Strawberries. Typically, June-Bearing strawberries will produce more, tastier, and better fruit than everbearing strawberries.

Quick Growing:

  • The Galletta Strawberry plant is also perfect for beginners because of how fast it grows. Depending on where, when, and how you plant this bush, you may even get strawberries your first year!

#8. Alpine Alexandria Strawberry


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Why Grow Alpine Alexandria Strawberries in Texas?


  • The Alpine Alexandria Strawberry is one of the few heirloom strawberries that fruit gardeners can grow. This means it will produce the BEST strawberry fruit you’ll ever have.

No Runners

  • The Alpine Alexandria Strawberry is a runnerless plant. This simply means it will not become invasive and can be planted anywhere in your yard, in your garden, or even in garden plants.

#9. Albion Strawberry


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Why Grow Albion Strawberries in Texas?


  • The Albion Strawberries is one of the few everbearing strawberries on this list. If you want strawberries that produce fruit from June throughout September then plant this beautiful and high-yield fruit plant.

Small Berries:

  • The Albion Strawberries are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want large, sometimes untasty strawberries. If you want tasty, small strawberries that you can eat by the handful then look no further than the Albion Strawberry.

Disease Resistant:

  • Albion Strawberries have all the best traits of everbearing strawberries without any of the traditional disadvantages. Best of all is that the Albion Strawberry is disease resistant against things such as wilt, rot, and so much more.

#10. Tristan Strawberry


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Why Grow Tristan Strawberries in Texas?

Beautiful Blooms:

  • Tristan Strawberries may have the best blooms out of all the strawberries on the list. Expect white flowers that turn into pretty pink before it begins bearing fruit.


  • The Tristant Strawberries is a great beginner bush due to its low-maintenance, cold and disease hardiness, and ability to survive almost any condition.

Common Growing Factors of Texas’s Best Strawberries


As a reminder, the below factors are common for the Best Strawberries to Grow in Texas:

  • Thrives in Heat & Drought
  • Disease and Pest Resistant
  • Can Grow Anywhere in your yard
  • Bears Lots of Berries
  • Require little maintenance

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