20 BEST Raised Garden Beds for ALL Plants (2023)

What is the Best Raised Garden Bed for Your Gardening Need?

I get this question all the time. It can be tough because each Raised Garden Bed Kit is different.

The below list is the 20 Best Raised Garden Beds for ALL different types of plants.

And scroll to the bottom to find answers to 6 Frequently Asked Questions that can help you make the best purchase!


The below list provides ALL types of Gardeners with the 20 Best Raised Garden Beds.

Price, material, space efficiency, and ease of assembly are some of the most important factors that should be considered in your purchase.

Before you read through this list I highly recommend watching these two videos about Raised Garden Beds:

#1. T4U Raised Garden Bed

t4u plastic raised garden bed
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The T4U Raised Garden Bed is one of the best-raised garden beds out there.

It is made from reinforced PP materials that make it sturdy and weather-resistant.

It also comes with a self-watering disk, allowing excess water to be stored and plants to drink freely.

Best of all is that it is a great decorative garden piece.


  • 120 Day Guarantee
  • Self-Watering Makes Care Easy
  • Numerous Sizes for Versatility


  • Plastic = Less Durable than other Options

#2. Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Kit

greenes fence cedar raised garden kit

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The Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Kit is one of the best-raised garden beds right now.

It is a simple assembly that makes gardening easy. Not only this, but it is stackable and great for beginners.

Also, it is made of chemical-free wood that will last year at least a decade.

Best of all is that it requires 2 minutes’ worth of assembly. No screwing is needing, just slide the pieces together.


  • Made in the USA from rot and insect-free cedar
  • Stackable making your garden expandable


  • Time-consuming to assemble
  • Immobile

#3. VivoHome Elevated Raised Garden Bed

vivohome elevated plastic raised garden bed

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One of the best-raised garden beds, this helps you grow plants in a decorative manner.

It can be kept indoors or outdoors. And is designed to keep roots healthy and prevents root rot.

Not only that, but this raised garden bed is assembled in a way that easily drains water at all levels onto the ground.

Best of all is that you can assemble this raised garden bed quickly and without tools.


  • Premium Material makes it durable
  • Self-Watering makes garden care easy
  • Stackable makes your garden expandable


  • New- No Track Record
  • The price can quickly add up if you have more than one!

#4. Earthbox Garden Kit

earthbox garden kit

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The Eartbox Garden Kit is definitely one of the best-raised garden beds if you are looking for a smaller kit.

It’s maintenance-free and comes with an award-winning patented gardening system controls.

And if you are looking for a mobile raised garden bed then this is perfect as you can role it anywhere!

And best of all is that there is no digging, no weeding, and no guesswork when using this raised garden bed.


  • Wheeled garden box with fertilizer
  • No digging, weed, etc.


  • Does not hold many plants
  • Not very durable

#5. Fabric Raised Planting Bed

fabric raised planting bed

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As you can tell by the picture this is a different type of raised garden bed.

It is easy to set up and waterproof that can last for years. It is also made of UV-resistant material that provides exceptional air-flow.

In addition, it warms in the spring, stays cool in summer, and protect against pests.

And what separates this raised garden bed is that it is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Easy to setup
  • Inexpensive


  • Smaller in size
  • Aesthetics – Not great looking

#6. Pannow Raised Garden Bed

pannow raised garden bed

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Take advantage of space-saving gardening with this easy-to-use product.

No assembly is required with this raised garden bed.

And when you are done using it for gardening then all you need to do is empty it, fold it, and you can store it almost anywhere.

Made with premium material that you can’t beat makes this one of the best-raised garden beds.


  • Easy to use & Store
  • Cheap Price


  • Not the greatest materials
  • Poor Aesthetics

#7. Boldly Growing Raised Plant

boldly growing raised planter kit

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This raised garden planter is a fantastic addition to any patio or garden setting.

It is made of high-quality unfinished wood that won’t rot and wear from the weather. It also makes it last for almost a lifetime!

And it is incredibly sturdy, which will allow you to keep any plant in it!

Not only this, but it is perfect for kids and adults alike.


  • Good size for most gardening
  • Top Quality Wood


  • Heavy to move
  • Expensive

#8. Cedarcraft Elevated Cedar Planter

cedarcraft elevated cedar planter

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This is one of the best-raised garden beds for patios, the backyard, and even next to your garden.

It has been specifically designed for gardeners who are limited in space and time!

In addition, it’s height protects your plants from pests. And allows gardeners of all sizes to comfortably garden.

Also, it is manufactured from some of the best Canadian Red Cedar.


  • Great for limited space
  • No tool assembly


  • Small Size
  • Expensive

#9. DF Omer Raised Garden Bed

df omer raised garden bed

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This is one of the most efficient raised garden beds per square yard and is the only one you’ll ever need.

It is great for growing small plants, vegetables, and flowers. And it was specifically built to help protect the roots of all plants.

And like some of its competitors it was made to last you more than a decade!

Also, this is another great option if you want a fast and easy to assemble raised garden bed.


  • Sturdy Frame
  • Excellent Materials


  • Lack of pest protection.

#10. Suncast Raised Garden Bed

suncast raised garden bed

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If you are looking for the best raised garden bed that is maintenance-free then you have found it.

Easy construction makes this an excellent choice for those of you who want a larger garden bed.

What sets this raised garden bed apart from its competitors is that it is customizable to almost size you want and can be used to create an extra-large raised garden!

If you plan on growing vegetables then this is the raised garden bed for you!


  • Customizable shape
  • Large


  • Looks plain and material is “simple”

#11. Gardner’s Supply Raised Garden Bed

gardeners supply raised garden bed

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This raised garden bed is the perfect height for easy growth. It eliminates the need to stoop, bend, or even reach.

And this garden bed is made with rot-resistant wood and aluminum to help increase its life.

It is great for multiple crops and will help you get a generous yield from your crops.

The best part is that it comes with a free planting guide that is very helpful!


  • Free Planting Guide
  • Large Space for Growing


  • Very expensive

#12. Best Choice Garden Bed

Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed

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This is a brand new raised garden bed by this manufacturer.

It is created with a step stair design approach and fir wood that allows it to last better through all seasons.

This makes it great for various sized plants at different levels. And if you want a garden that is of small to medium size, look no further.

What you’ll like most about this raised garden bed are the separate spaces that allow you to diversify your garden in the most efficient way possible.


  • Efficiency
  • Durability – Long Lasting
  • Easy Assembly


  • Protection – Lack it

#13. Cambridge Raised Planter

Cambridge Raised Planter

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Grow beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables with one of the best raised garden beds out there.

With this garden bed, you will have fewer weeds, fewer pests, and no soil compaction.

Not only this, but it looks beautiful!

And best of all is that it comes with a lower shelf where you can store gardening tools, pots, and even a watering can.


  • Great landscape look
  • 20-year warranty


  • Smaller compared to competitors
  • Expensive

#14. Greenes Fence Garden Bed Planter

Greenes Fence Raised Garden Bed

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Are you interested in raised garden beds, but want it as simple as possible?

Well, this product allows you to easily build a raised garden bed. From there watch your bed yield a successful garden without tools.

This garden bed comes with an open bottom allowing your roots to fully take advantage of all nutrients.

And it is made of a material that is rust-resistant and UV-resistant.


  • Rust Resistant
  • Beginner Friendly


  • Not Aesthetic

#15. Outsunny Plant Garden Kit

outsunny plant garden kit

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This may be my favorite best-raised garden bed on the list. And it is the most unique.

This is perfect for any home gardening enthusiast who wants to garden year-round.

It is made with PVC and thick, zippable plastic allowing air-flow and protection. Because of this, it is like you have your own mini greenhouse!

It may also provide the most protection out of anyone on the list.


  • Protection
  • Reasonable Price


  • Can get too hot
  • Wind can blow it over

#16. Lifetime Raised Garden Bed

lifetime raised garden bed

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This product gives you the perfect garden setup in less than an hour.

It is also one of the best gifts out there. Not only this, but it is low to maintain, water-resistant, and accommodates your plants’ deep roots.

Even better is that you will not have any cracks, chips, dents, or peeling with this garden bed.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Kid-Friendly


  • No Cons

#17. Giantex Cedar Raised Garden Planter

giantex cedar raised garden bed

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This is a great garden bed to efficiently grow your plants.

It comes with a divider in the middle of the bed that gives you a great way to separate different types of plants.

In addition, it helps you stay organized if you plant numerous types of plants.

And if you are looking for a raised garden bed that can go on patios, next to gardens, or fit into tight spaces then look no further.


  • Low-Maintenance
  • Beautiful Look


  • Durability

#18. Vita Garden Bed

vita garden bed

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Raised garden beds are becoming more popular by the day. They add landscape to the garden and adds minimal work.

This is one of the best garden bed kits out there.

It is attractive, self-contained, and maintenance-free.

And best of all is that is can be attached to more of the same garden beds to expand your garden in a quick and inexpensive way.


  • Easy Assembly
  • Can be Attached Together


  • Can take up a lot of space

#19. Just Add Lumber Garden Kit

just add lumber garden kit

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Build the ultimate vegetable garden with this kit. It allows decorative, efficient gardening that keeps pests out.

Not only this, but it allows you to have some of the widest variety of plants if you do decide to.

What separates this raised garden bed from competitors is that it has extra measures to keep rabbits, deer, and other pests out!


  • Best Organization Gardening Bed


  • No lumber included
  • Complex Setup

#20. King Bird Planter

king bird planter

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This may be the sturdiest raised garden bed out there.

If you are looking for something that can survive all the elements for a long time then you have found it.

And if you are looking for a raised garden bed that comes with a warranty then look no further, this one comes with a 2-year warranty.

The best part is no tools are needed for assembly.


  • Incredibly Durable
  • Large Size


  • Somewhat difficult to assemble

6 Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why Should I Use a Raised Garden Bed?

raised garden bed 3

A) Soil Improvement

Do you have clay in your soil? What about just generally poor soil?

Then using a raised bed will instantly improve your soil.

This occurs because raised garden beds go right on the ground. You then fill it with nutrient-rich soil.

My recommendation is to use a 60% topsoil to 30% compost to 10% Perlite (Potting Mix) mix for your raised garden beds.

B) Higher Yields

I don’t know one gardener that isn’t interested in increasing their yield.

By using one of the best raised garden beds you are able to increase yield by almost two times.

This is because the soil is looser, has more nutrients, better aeration, and better drainage.

C) Longer Growing Season

Do you have a problem with a short gardening season?

If so, then the best-raised garden beds are your perfect solution.

Raised garden beds stay warmer, longer since they are above the ground. In addition, if you add a cold frame you can garden even longer!

D) Space Efficiency

Do you live in an urban area or somewhere with little space for gardening?

Then the best-raised gardens are just what you need. Using raised garden beds allow you to use little space as efficient as possible.

E) Plant Protection

Do deer, squirrels, or other pests ever destroy your garden?

The best-raised garden beds can help prevent this.

Raised Garden beds help deter animals, pests, and even humans from mistakenly destroying your plants.

F) Fewer Weeds

Do you know what every gardener has in common?


By using the best raised garden beds and placing a weed barrier fabric under it you can almost completely eliminate weeds.

G) Aesthetics

I love my garden. But that does not mean I love the design.

Raised garden beds are not only beautiful but can be made to complement your house and other outdoor decors.

#2. What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Raised Garden Bed?

raised garden bed 4

Shopping Factors

When shopping for the best-raised garden beds it is important to consider several factors in your decision making.

Length & Width, Height, and Material are the most important factors.

Length & Width

Understanding the length and width is critical to understanding what raised garden bed you should purchase.

Smaller raised garden beds are best for herbs and small vegetables.

Mid-size raised garden beds are great for a wide range of vegetables.

And large raised garden beds are perfect for fruit bushes.


While height may not seem like a big deal, it is.

The deeper the raised garden bed the more soil it can hold.

The more soil the raised garden bed holds the more moisture it holds. This reduces the need for watering and retains heats more efficiently.


There are several different materials you can use for raised garden beds.

All of these are sufficient when shopping for the best-raised garden beds.

  1. Wood – This is the most versatile type of material. It can range from cheap to expensive depending on durability. Wood is easy to install. It is also very aesthetic and space-efficient. Finally, it can last from 5 to 20 years.
  2. Stone/Brick/Concrete – This may be the cheapest and sometimes even free material. It is also some of the heaviest. One of the biggest disadvantages is that they tend to let weeds in.
  3. Cinderblock – This may be the most durable material out of your choices. In addition, it is really cheap and easy to install. Finally, it retains heat the best. This can be good or bad depending on what you are growing.

#3 How Do You Maintain a Raised Garden Bed?

raised garden bed 1

Below, are just a few simple ways to extend the life of your raised garden bed:

  1. Position your raised garden bed in an area that can be protected in the winter from high wind gusts and cold weather that can break down its material.
  2. If possible, replace your soil every year with new raised garden bed soil. This will add valuable nutrients into your garden, but will also prevent mold, mildew, and other factors that can break down your garden bed.
  3. Wipe down the inside and outside of your raised garden bed before the winter.
  4. If you are working with unfinished wood or not high-quality wood, add a weather-resistant stain to protect your material.

#4. How Much Soil Should I Use in My Raised Garden Bed?

raised garden bed 3

You should fill your raised garden bed with at least 6 inches of soil if you are planting herbs.

You should fill your raised garden bed with at least 12 inches of soil if you are planting vegetables.

#5. What Wood Should I Use for a Raised Garden Bed?

There are several great wood options to use for building a raised garden bed.

Cedar and Redwood are great options if you need wood that is water-resistant.

Hemlock, fir, and pine are good options for entry-level raised garden beds but do not last as long as Cedar and Redwood.

Always use unfinished wood for raised garden beds.

#6. What Soil Should I Use in a Raised Garden Bed?

raised garden bed soil

You should use a well-draining, pre-blended soil mix like Miracle-Gro Raised Garden Bed Soil Mix.

Specifically, buy a raised garden bed soil that can have vegetables, herbs, and fruit planted in it.

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