33 Unique Gardening Gifts for Dad and Mom (2023)

Are you interested in buying the BEST gardening gifts for Dad and Mom this year, but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to get the gardener in your life a unique gift that they don’t already have

unique gardening gifts

Shopping for unique gardening gifts can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

After collecting thousands of gardening gift idea surveys and collaborating with local gardening stores I have created 33 Unique Gardening Gifts for Dad and Mom.


The list below is sorted from the least expensive to most expensive and includes something for everyone.

Gardening Gift Criteria

You’ll find plenty of resources when it comes to gardening gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.

Yet, all of these lists have very similar ideas and most likely products your gardener already has.

When I created the 33 Unique Gardening Gifts for Dad and Mom for you, I specifically looked for useful and unique gardening gifts that you won’t find anywhere else.

And what separates this list from any other you’ll find is that these gift ideas are perfect for ANY gardener, not just dad, and mom.

Also, this list was created so that you don’t have to know anything about gardening when purchasing a gift.

Whether you are buying a gift for a first-time gardener or someone who has been gardening for 50 years there is something for everyone!

Gifts Under $25

1. Humidity Tray

Brussels Humidity Tray
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You’ll find plenty of unique gifts on this list, but none quite as unique as the Humidity Tray.

If you are interested in growing tropical plants indoors or need to provide humidity then I recommend purchasing the Brussels Humidity Tray.

What makes this humidity tray the best is that all you need to do is add water. It is simply that easy!

2. Handheld Hummingbird Feeder

ARoma Handheld Hummingbird Feeder
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If you love gardening and want to attract hummingbirds to it then you’ll need a hummingbird feeder.

And there is not a more unique hummingbird feeder than Aroma Handheld Hummingbird Feeder.

Not only will you attract hummingbirds, but they will feed right off your hand.

3. Plant Labels

Kinglake Plant Labels
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Simple, but unique.

That is how I describe plant labels and that’s how I describe Kinglake Plant Labels.

Never will your dad or mom have to worry about where they planted certain plants.

And best of all is that this makes a great stocking stuffer and can fit anyone’s budget!

4. Seedling Heat Mat

heat mat for seedlings
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Whether you are buying for a gardening dad or mom that is headed into their very first garden or for someone who spends every waking minute tending to their crops you cannot go wrong with a seedling heat me.

If your dad or mom wants to start growing plants from seed then you MUST have a heat mat.

And while there are plenty of heat mats out there, don’t break the bank.

The VivoSun Heat Mat is durable, reasonably priced, and will meet the needs of any gardener!

5. Soil Tester

Garden Soil Tester
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Does your dad struggle getting certain plants to grow in his garden?

This is a common problem all gardeners run into.  But it doesn’t have to be with a soil tester.

So what is a soil tester?  Very simply, it is a device that will tell your gardener when to water, what nutrients your soil may be lacking, and if plants are getting enough sunlight.

What I love most about this gift though?  You can use it indoors and outdoors and it is incredibly easy to use…even if you are not a gardener! 

Coming in at $10, this can be a great stocking stuffer gardening gift.

6. Thermometer

Garden Thermometer
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Does your dad ever look sad?  Do you ever look out at his garden and see a bunch of dying plants?  Does he have a greenhouse or keeps his plants inside during part of the season?

If any of these scenarios are true then you HAVE to get your gardening dad a thermometer.

For under $10 you can give your dad something that will provide him with valuable data on how to care for his garden. 

The ThermoPro Digital Thermometer tells gardeners the temperature and humidity of where their plants are planted. 

In simple terms, it tells you if you planted it in the right space and exactly then you need to water. And it is completely wireless!

7. Organic Heirloom Tomato Seeds ($15)

heirloom seeds
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Have you ever went to your local farmer’s market or grocery store and seen tomatoes that are green, orange, yellow, and even purple?

Have you ever wondered where these come from or how to grow them?

If you want one of the most unique gardening gifts then purchase your dad and mom heirloom seeds!

8. Gardening Book

gardening book
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Are you looking for something simple, but unique for your dad or mom?

Then I recommend purchasing a gardening book. But not any gardening book!

This book has it all.

It will teach you basic to advanced gardening skills. And it covers vegetables, but it also talks through fruit and herb gardening.

In addition, it gives you seed starting techniques, composting ideas, best ways to plant and care for your garden, and how to get the most yield out of your harvest possible.

9. Plant Cover Freeze Protector

Plant Cover
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Has your dad or mom ever tried planting vegetables in the spring only to have them die if he has a weekend of bad weather?

Would he like to extend how long he gardens into late fall or early winter?

If you answered yes to either question, I highly recommend purchasing him the Plant Cover Freeze Protector for a gardening gift.

This is great if you are looking to protect your dad’s garden from frost, hail, animals, and even insect infestation. And it is large enough for almost any small type of garden.

10. Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge

Have you ever heard your dad ask himself whether or not he should water the garden today?

If so, you need to purchase him a Rain Gauge!

For just under $20, you can provide your dad with a great gardening gift that will tell him just how much rain has come down and if he needs to continue to water his plants. 

11. Winter Wheat

winter wheat gardening gifts
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Are you looking for gardening gifts this year for dad and mom that no one else has gotten them?

Then I recommend Winter Wheat

So what is Winter Wheat and why should you purchase it?

Very simply, winter wheat is a crop you plant in late fall. Then it grows during late falls, winter, and early spring.

It has two benefits.

  • First, it helps to prevent weeds from growing in your garden in the spring.
  • And it can be tillered into the soil to provide valuable nutrients from plants.

12. Bee House

Mason Bee House
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If your gardening parents want bigger and better plants then they will need to attract pollinators like bees.

The problem is attracting bees can be complex and sometimes dangerous.

Mason Bee House

Bee Houses are inexpensive ways to attract and provide bees with a safe and friendly home.

13. Drip Irrigation System

Flantor Garden Irrigation System
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Watering plants can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating.

Provide an easy and unique way to consistently water your plants all at once with the Flantor Garden Irrigation System.

This garden irrigation system comes with everything your dad or mom needs to water their garden.

Best of all is that it is easy to assemble and easier to use. Once assembled you turn on your spigot and nothing more is needed!

14. Hops

hops gardening gifts
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Does your dad love beer?

Does your dad make his own beer?

If either of these apply then I highly recommend purchasing a hops plant aka a rhizome for a gardening gift.

This is again a very unique gardening gift for dad and mom.

Not only can hops be used for beer, but they can be added to soaps, ice cream, and even potpourri.

15. Lemon Tree

lemon tree gardening gifts
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Do you want a unique gardening gift for a gardener that can live anywhere in the world?

Then give your dad and mom the perfect gift and buy them a lemon tree!

I personally recommend: Meyer Lemon Tree

These trees can literally grow in any climate.

If you live in extremely cold or warm areas you can keep them in pots all year. They can be kept indoors or outdoors depending on your needs.

16. Bird Bath

vivohome bird bath
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Birds are great pollinators for gardens. But providing them with food alone is usually not enough to make them stay and visit your garden.

Because of this, I recommend the Vivohome Garden Bird Bath.

What your gardening parent will love about this bird bath is that it will fit into any environment.

Whether they live in the city or the country it blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

Gifts Under $75

17. Bokashi Composter

SCD Bokashi Composter
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If your mom and dad gardens they probably have used or seen composters before.

I can guarantee though that they have never used Bokashi Composters.

Bokashi Composting is the newest form of composting.

It allows a gardener to compost ALL waste, not just green waste. It then uses tiny microbes to breakdown the waste into reusable compost.

The best part is that it is incredibly easy to use and can fit nicely into any kitchen space. No need to venture outside into the cold or rainy weather anymore!

18. Fertilizer Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Spreader
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If your parents have a lawn or garden then they probably fertilize.

The problem with fertilizing is that it can be expensive if you hire someone or very time-consuming if you do it yourself.

Because of this, I recommend purchasing a Scotts Turf Builder Spreader


The Scotts Turf Builder Spreader is the only fertilizer spreader a gardener will ever need.

It is durable, inexpensive, easy-to-use, and best of all allows you to apply fertilizers in a quick manner to even the largest spaces.

19. Composter

Yimby Tumbler Composter gardening gifts
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Gardens are great.  But they need to be tended to and cared for like a baby.  They need food, water, and much much more. 

One tool that can help with this is a Composter.

The Yimby Tumbler Composter is the perfect gift for dad and mom’s who need to add nutrients back into their garden. 

20. Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed
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Is your dad or mom someone who does not have a lot of time for gardening?  Do they want to extend their gardening season?

If so, a raised garden bed would be the perfect gardening gift for them.

Raised Garden Beds are great for mom and dads who want to extend the gardening season or for do not want to fully commit the time and energy to garden.

The Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Bed is a great choice because it is made in the USA with rot and insect-resistant cedar.  In addition, it is 100% chemical-free.

21. Game Camera

game camera
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Has something ever eaten plants in your garden, but you have no clue what it is?

Do you not have the time to patrol your yard all day, but want to know what happens during the day and night?

Then a Game Camera is the perfect gardening gift for mom and dad!

I personally recommend: CamPark Came Gamera

This camera has it all. 1080 resolution. .3 second trigger speed. 120 angle wide lense. And infrared sensors that are triggered by motion.

Gifts Under $100

22. Grow Light

Phlizon Grow Light
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If your mom or dad plans on gardening indoors or in the winter then they will need a grow light.

Grow lights provide sunlight and much-needed heat to your seeds, leafy greens, and adult plants.

The problem though with grow lights is that there are numerous types and only certain ones work with certain plants.

The Philzo Grow Light works for seeds and all plants. Not only this, but it provides a wide range of light spectrum for plants.

And most importantly is that it is easy to use and can be used in any room in your house!

23. Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel
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Did you know that water from rain is actually better for your garden than from a hose?

It contains nitrogen which makes your garden plants, larger, healthier, and more fruitful.  The problem though is how do you actually capture rain water for long-term use.

It’s easier than you think and it’s called a Rain Barrel.

The Good Ideas 40gallon Wizard Rain Barrel is made with Oak and high quality mold to prevent cracks and leaks. In addition, it has a brass spigot that will prevent leaks and increase long-term durability.

At 40 gallons this is the perfect Barrel that will let you capture enough rain to water your garden for a few weeks before needing a refill.

24. Cleaning Station

Garden Cleaning Station
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Do you want to give your dad a gift that keeps him out of trouble with his wife this year?

If so, I recommend purchasing an outdoor cleaning station.


Because there is nothing worse than having some great vegetables pulled straight from the garden and bringing in all that dirt into the kitchen sink and house. 

Trust me, mom will not be happy and dad will not be happy cleaning it up.

I recommend the Outsunny Portable Folding Camping Table:

Why I love this cleaning station is pretty simple. 

It is large enough to clean almost any vegetable you have.  It has a faucet to hook up with your garden hose.  And best of all is it will not be too gaudy sitting in your backyard. 

25. Hydroponic Gardening System

WePlant Hydroponic System
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One of the most unique gardening gifts on this list is a Hydroponic Gardening System.

Hydroponic Gardening is growing plants without the use of soil.

The problem with hydroponic gardening though is that there are several techniques and some systems can be very complex.

To make hydroponic gardening effective, efficient, and easy for all gardening then I recommend purchasing the WePlant Hydroponic System.

This gardening system is inexpensive, easy to use, and is perfect for almost all types of plants.

Gifts over $100

26. Worm Composter

worm factory 360 gardening gifts
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This may be the most unique gardening gift on the list for dads and moms.

If your mom or dad loves composting then this is the PERFECT gardening gift.

I personally recommend: Worm Factory 360

27. Rabbit Hutch

Merax Rabbit Hutch
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There are numerous types of hobbies gardeners partake in.

One of the most unique and favorite hobbies of gardeners is raising rabbits.

But if you are going to raise a rabbit then you need a home where it can sleep and be protected. And it needs to be easy to clean, assemble, and moveable.

Don’t look any further than Merax Rabbit Hutch. This rabbit hutch is perfect for all gardeners, especially people who are beginners in raising rabbits.

28. Beehive Kit

beehive kit gardening gifts
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There are many types of gardening.

One of the most unique, interesting, and beneficial is beehive gardening.

If you want to help get your dad and mom started then purchase a beehive kit for their gardening gift.

I personally recommend: Happybuy Beehive Kit

This is the best choice for beekeepers.

This beehive kit comes with everything you need to get started. It is made with 100% durable wood. It has some pre-assembled parts. And best of all it is PROVEN!

29. Chicken Coop

chicken coop gardening gifts
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Is there anything more interesting than watching chickens?

Is there anything better than farm fresh eggs?

Your mom and dad can have both with a chicken coop.

I personally recommend: Best Choice Chicken Coop

This chicken coop has it all.

It has durable, rainproof wood. In addition, it is perfect for two to three chickens. And it has a nesting box. It has a metal locking system. And it even has an area for chickens to roam.

30. Hard-Sided Cooler ($300)

yeti tundra 45 cooler
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A cooler as a unique gardening gift?


Whether your gardener needs to store drinks and food for when they take breaks or a cooler to house fruits, vegetables, and mint from the heat, a hard-sided cooler is an unexpected gift for gardeners.

And if your dad and mom have been extra food this year then I recommend purchasing a Yeti cooler.

I personally own one and will never buy another brand or cooler again.

And I won’t have to. This cooler will last me a lifetime! And it helps keep your fruit in perfect condition for days!

31. Tiller

Mantis Tiller gardening gifts
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Has your dad or mom been really good this year?

Are you looking for a gardening gift that shows him just how much you care?  

If so, a Tiller would be perfect and is something every gardener should have.

I recommend the Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller:

Tillers are the perfect tool to help keep the nutrients cycling in your garden for better plant growth. 

The Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller does it better than any other tiller.  It is made with a 25cc Honda engine that spins the blade twice as fast as other tillers.

In addition, it only weighs 24 lbs and gets into smaller and tougher spots that large tillers just can’t.  This is the perfect size for any gardener, regardless of your strength. 

32. Greenhouse

greenhouse gardening gifts
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If your dad or mom has helped you in more ways than you’ll ever be able to repay them then I have the perfect gift.

Give the perfect gift for your avid gardener by buying them a Greenhouse.

I personally recommend: Palram Greenhouse

I have a greenhouse and to be honest it the most valuable gardening tool I have.

This Greenhouse will last a lifetime and will allow your mom or dad to garden year-round.

It has a 5-year warranty. It is virtually unbreakable.

Also, this is made for you to have plants hanging, in the ground, or store on wooden boards.

And there is so much more you’ll have to read about it yourself.

33. Log Splitter

Champion log splitter
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The final unique gardening gift that is perfect for any Christmas gift, mother’s day, father’s day, and any other celebration is a log splitter.

If your gardening giftee has ever had to split wood then they know how time-consuming and physically hard job it is. Sometimes it isn’t even possible to split wood.

Make their life easy and purchase the Champion Gas Log-Splitter. This is one of the most powerful wood splitters on the market.

It will make wood splitting quick, easy, and most of all non-exhausting. You’re gardening dad and mom will be more thankful than you’ll ever know!

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