10 Best Tillers for ALL Gardening Needs (2023)

What is the Best Tiller for YOUR Gardening Need?


This is very tough because every Gardeners’ needs are different and there are so many factors to determine in your purchase.

This doesn’t have to be a tough question though.

This article will provide you with an Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Specific Gardening Need!

And I recommend scrolling to the bottom to find answers to 7 frequently asked questions for garden tilling buying!

10 Best Garden Tillers (Highest to Lowest Price)

#1 Husqvarna Rear Tine Tiller 

Husqvarna Rear Tine Tiller

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  • 6.5-inch tilling depth
  • Forward & Reverse Gears
  • Weight: 190 pounds
  • 3-year warranty


  • Counter-Rotating Tines make tilling easy
  • A high-powered engine makes quick work
  • Best tires on the market to prevent getting stuck


  • Expensive for hobbyist gardeners

Husqvarna is fast becoming the world’s most popular rear-tine choice of gardeners.

This Husqvarna packs a 208cc fast-starting engine that is easy to operate. Add incredibly made tires for great traction and this is perfect for beginner gardeners.

In addition, counter-rotating tines till 7 inches deep and 17 inches wide make this a great option for medium and large-sized gardens.

#2 Troy-Bilt Bronco Tiller 

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  • 14-inch width
  • 164 pounds
  • cast-iron bronze gear transmission
  • 2-year warranty


  • 14 inches tines make for wider tilling
  • powerful engine at a reasonable price
  • cast-iron parts and a 2-year warranty


  • Is not as wide as some of its competitors, which may slow tilling in large gardens.

The Troy-Bilt Bronco Tiller is my favorite rear-tine on this list.

It is powered by a 208cc engine that makes tilling and maneuvering easy and simple.

Also, it comes with 14 inches tines and cast iron-made bronze parts, which means it will last longer and is better than its competitors.

This is great for large gardens and new spaces that need to be till.

And like most of its competitors, it comes with a 2-year warranty that you most likely will never need!

#3 Yardmax Rear-Tine Tiller 

Yardmax Rear Tine Tiller - best tiller

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  • 7-inch tilling depth
  • 230 pounds
  • 13-inch self-sharpening tines
  • 2-year warranty


  • A 2-year warranty is one of the best in the industry
  • 13-inch tines make for wider tilling
  • Briggs & Stratton Engine is the best in the industry


  • Expensive for limited features

The Yardmax Rear-Tine comes with the famous Briggs & Stratton powerful 190 RPM engine.

A single hand operational system allows gardeners to steer from either side of the tiller, adding much maneuverability. This is PERFECT for Beginners!

The 13-inch tines can till 11 inches deep and 21 inches wide. This will allow you to till more ground, quicker.

With its tine size and till depth, this is great for large gardens.

Best of all is that it comes with a 2-year warranty.

#4 Champion Rear-Tine Tiller


Champion Rear Tine Tiller - best tiller

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  • 8-inch tilling depth
  • 160 pounds
  • four, heavy-duty 13.8 inch hardened steel tines
  • 2-year warranty


  • The powerful engine is great for the toughest soil
  • Dual-Rotating Tines makes your soil even better


  • Costly compared to competitors with similar features

Champion produces some of the most versatile tillers on the market.

This specific cultivator tills 9 inches deep and 18 inches wide. It features 4, 13-inch dual-rotating tines allowing for quick switching from forward to reverse.

Also, this tiller features a 212cc engine, cast iron parts, and a fantastic 2-year warranty.

Like most of its competitors, this is perfect for medium and most large gardens and yards.

#5 Earthquake Victory Tiller 

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  • 16-inch width
  • 173 pounds
  • 16-inch width tines
  • 5-year warranty


  • High power Kohler engine will last a lifetime
  • Easy to use with cast-iron parts for durability


  • Expensive for its features

Easy, Durable, Compact, and balanced. That is how you can describe the Earthquake Victory Rear-Tine.

This gas cultivator is incredibly to maneuver and easy to use with a single-handed control.

The Earthquake Victory comes with air wheels for more excellent traction and flotation on any soil. This makes it the perfect tiller for rocky and sandy gardens.

Best of all is that it comes with a 196cc 4-cycle Kohler engine that provides power in both large garden and tilling new soil.

#6 Troy-Bilt Colt Tiller

Troy-Bilt Colt Tiller

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  • 7-inch tilling depth
  • Adjustable tilling widths
  • 128 pounds
  • 2-year warranty


  • Patented, reliable engine
  • Digs 24 inches wide
  • Bolo tines for easy movement and tilling


  • More expensive than its competitors
  • Tills only 7 inches deep

Powered by the famous 208cc Troy-Bilt Engine this my favorite choice for a front-tine tiller.

This gas tiller has front-tine bolo tines that make tilling and movement easier than its competitors. This means it is great for small gardens, raised garden beds, and flower beds.

In addition, it can till up to 7 inches deep and 24 inches wide. This is far superior to many of its competitors.

It also comes with a comfortable handle and movement design is easy to store and transport and comes with a solid 2-year warranty.

#7 Honda Mini-Tiller Cultivator

Honda Mini Tiller Cultivator

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  • 9-inch tilling depth
  • Front-Engine Guard
  • 30 pounds
  • 2-year warranty


  • The best engine on the market
  • Durable and heavy-duty components


  • More expensive than competitors for its power

As I discussed above, if you want a tiller with a tremendous engine than you have to buy a Honda.

The Honda gas Mini-Tiller Cultivator has a 25 cc four-stroke powerful engine. This tiller comes with a front-guard engine protector and heavy-duty components that make it last much longer than its competitors.

Also, this tiller has 4 metal tines that dig 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide in your garden. This makes it a great option for flower beds, herb gardens, and small vegetable gardens.

#8 Mantis Fast Start Tiller

Mantis Fast Start Tiller - best tiller

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  • 9-inch tilling depth
  • Front-Engine Guard
  • 21 pounds
  • 2-year warranty


  • Reasonably priced for its versatility
  • Lightweight makes it perfect for ALL Gardeners
  • Incredibly Durable with a solid warranty


  • Only good for very small spaces and gardens

Mantis makes some of the best front-tine tillers and cultivators on the market.

This is a gas tiller that is incredibly durable and incredibly easy to start! Most gardeners agree this is one of the biggest factors when purchasing a tiller.

It digs 12 inches deep and almost 12 inches wide, making it one of the most versatile front-tine tillers. This is perfect for flower beds and areas close to your house.

It also packs 240 RPM into a 21 pound frame.

This makes it incredibly easy to move, transport, and to fit in small spaces.

#9 Earthquake Versa

Earthquake Versa Tiller - best tiller

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  • 11-inch tilling depth
  • 85 pounds
  • Adjustable tine width
  • 5-year warranty


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Effortless to Use
  • Great for small gardens


  • Above-average cost for power

This is one of my favorite front-tine tillers on this list.

It is a versatile, easy to use, and incredibly easy to maneuver tiller. What makes this gas tiller of the best tillers out there is just how effortless it is to use.

This tiller can cut 11 inches deep and 16 inches wide. This is average for this type of front-tine tiller. This makes the tiller great for small rows and raised garden beds.

In addition, it displaces 99cc of power. This makes it perfect for small gardens and areas close to your house.

What really sets this tiller apart from its competitors is that it comes with a 5-year warranty.

#10 Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller

sun joe electric tiller - best tiller

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  • 8 inch till depth
  • 6 Steel angled tines
  • 27 pounds
  • 2-year warranty


  • Reasonably-Price
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Great for small spaces


  • Not great for large gardens or breaking new ground

The Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller is a powerful 13.5 amp tiller/cultivator that can till 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep.

It has six incredibly durable tines for maximum performance of 370 RPM and has a three-wheel adjustment. This tiller is a great option for small gardens!

This is the perfect tiller if you want to control weeds with minimal work. It is also perfect for storage almost ANYWHERE!

Best of all is that it comes with a 2-year warranty.



#1. What are the Best Tiller Uses?

  • Tillers are great machines to unearth dirt, pull out weeds, and mix and compost soil in an efficient manner.
  • Tillers should be used for gardens, large raised garden beds, or land that you want to turn into a garden. Cultivators should be used for small herb or flower beds or small pieces of land.
  • Tillers are the one guaranteed way to prepare your soil the proper way for the upcoming gardening season.

#2. Is a Cultivator a Tiller?

The simple answer is no.

Most reviews will use the word cultivator and tiller interchangeably. In reality, though, a cultivator is much different than a tiller.

A tiller does the following:

  • A large machine that breaks up solid ground
  • Goes deeper than the average cultivator
  • Is great for mixing soil
  • Should be used for the beginning and end of the season

A cultivator does the following:

  • Small machine used to mix up loose soil
  • Is great for mixing soil, compost, and fertilizer
  • Is great for smaller rows and to break up weeds
  • Should be used during the middle of the gardening season

#3. Should I buy a Rear-Tine or Front-Tine Tiller?

It depends on your needs.

Front-Tine Tiller

front tine
  • These are light-duty tillers.
  • The tiller is in front of the machine.
  • This is more powerful than cultivators and typically propels themselves.
  • While front-tine tillers don’t cut into the soil as well as rear-tine tillers or break up clumps, it is great for small space.
  • This type of tiller is easy to maneuver and also requires less work to use.
  • Another benefit for the front-tine tiller is that it is cheaper and easier to transport.

Rear-Tine Tiller

rear tine
  • These are heavy-duty tillers.
  • The tiller is in the back of the machine
  • This type of tiller uses metal prongs to break up soil better than a front-tine.
  • In addition, it gives you more handle for the toughest of dirt
  • Heavier, hard to transport, and more costly

#4. What Factors Should I Consider in My Tiller Purchase?


Size of your Garden

This is the most important factor when choosing a tiller.

  • If you have a small garden, raised garden beds, or a garden near your house then a cultivator or front-tine tiller is for you.
  • If you have a large garden or brand new space you would like to turn into a garden then choose a heavy-duty rear-tine tiller


  • Typically, I recommend spending only a couple of hundred dollars if you plan on doing minimal gardening or if you have a small space.
  • If gardening is a serious hobby for you or you have a large space than spending extra money is well worth the time and investment. 

Type of Soil

  • Typically, I recommend purchasing a rear-tine tiller if you have new land to till, rocky or clay soil, or large amounts of soil to till.
  • I recommend purchasing a front-tine or cultivator if you have sand-like soil, purchased garden soil, or land that has already been tilled.


Some questions you should consider when it comes to the versatility are:

  • Do you need a tiller that you can transfer from site to site?
  • Do you need a tiller that fits in small garden spaces?
  • Or what about one that is lightweight to move?


Engine Type

  • Electric engines are convenient, good for small gardens, maintenance-free, and start easy. They do require an extension cord and typically are used by the house.
  • Gas engines are more powerful and last longer. They are also more expensive, require gas/oil mixes, and require more maintenance.


  • Purchasing a tiller that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty is always a plus!

Everything Else

Below, is a list of other features you want to ensure you have.

Attachments – The more, the better.

Reverse Gear– This may not seem like a big deal until you want to go backward. I HIGHLY recommend having this feature

Dual-Rotating Tines – If you have a big garden or want a lot of power make sure your tiller has this feature!

Counter-Rotating Tines – If you want to dig deeper than this is the feature you need.

Adjustable Width Tine – If you have both tight and wide rows to cultivate then adjustable tines are critical!

Adjustable Depth Tine – Most likely you won’t need this, but if you plan on cultivating uneven land I would think long and hard about this feature.

Instructions – With so many features and new technology it is important to have good instructions. If it doesn’t then I highly recommend watching this tutorial on how to use a Tiller:

#5. What are the Best Tiller Manufacturers?

1. Troy-Bilt

  • Troy-Bilt Tillers are made in America with American parts! 
  • In addition, every Troy-Bilt Tiller has a warranty!
  • What sets them apart though is the customer service.

Troy-Bilt’s site has great tips and hints on best uses!

2. Husqvarna

This is fast becoming the most popular brand of tillers on the market.

One of the main benefits of Husqvarna is that it is sold in almost any name-brand store. Lowes, home depots, and Amazon all carry them.

In addition, their motors are manufactured with Honda parts.

For those of you that have never owned a Honda let me make this simple. They are built like tanks that last decades.

3. Mantis

Mantis’ motto is “Expect Big Things”.

And that is exactly what you can expect when it comes to cultivators.

Mantis specializes in small cultivators. They are made to make hard jobs easier. In addition, they are easily found on Amazon and many other online retailers.

In addition, they also provide a great warranty, great parts, and are willing to work with unhappy customers.

#6. How do I Use a Tiller?


Best Practices

  1. Remove Debris. While this is not necessary, removing sod, plants, weeds, rocks, and tree roots will make tilling much more effective.
  2. Test your soil. Again not critical, but having an understanding of what conditions different plants can survive in will help reduce time and energy you put into gardening
  3. Fix your Soil. Every few years, it is essential to till different nutrients, compost, and fertilizer into your soil to help your plants and garden.
  4. Till in the spring and the fall. I recommend waiting until the soil is dry and the air temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the soil from staying compact and drying out.

How To Use It

To use your tiller, follow the below instructions:

  1. Set your depth adjuster. First, start high and do one rotation. Then lower it and do another till.
  2. Use safety equipment. I recommend tilling with boots, glasses, gloves, and a long-sleeve shirt.
  3. Turn on the Tiller.
  4. Open the Throttle
  5. Engage the Choke
  6. Start the engine
  7. Pull the levers under the handle
  8. Tip the Tiller forward
  9. Make passes through alternating rows
  10. Go over the area again in the opposite direction
  11. Clean the dirt off your tines
  12. Properly store it to increase durability.

#7. How Do I Clean my Tiller?

If you are interested in learning how to clean your tiller’s carburetor then I recommend watching the video above.

If you want to care for your tines then I recommend remove your tines after each use. Then wipe them off and clean them dry. Finally, apply a light wd-40 to keep them lubricated.

Finally, replace your fuel filter after 100 hours of use or every 3 months.

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