10 Best Chicken Coops for ALL Chickens (2023)

Are you interested in learning about the Best Chicken Coops, but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to learn more about what chicken coops are right for your chickens?


After research, working with small gardeners who raise chickens for meat and eggs, and using my own chicken coop I have created the 10 Best Chicken Coops for ALL Chickens (2019).

Unlike other articles that focus on the same chicken coops and the same reviews, this article will give you EVERYTHING you need to know before purchasing the Best Chicken Coop.

You will learn about the best chicken coops, what features you should consider in your purchase, what chickens you should purchase, and how you should properly maintain your coop to increase its life.

What Chicken Should I Raise?

Watch Chickens LIVE in their Coops

Before purchasing your chicken coop it is critical to decide what chickens you will be raising.

The type of chickens you raise will directly determine the type of chicken coop you purchase.

Below, is a list of the 5 EASIEST Chickens to Grow for Beginners.

1. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Chicken

The Rhode Island Red is one of the most popular chickens to raise.

This chicken is friendly, easy to keep, and is very tough. It also requires very little space to live in.

You can expect up to 250 eggs per year that are of medium size and brown colored. The best part about this chicken is that it lays eggs all year.

2. Golden Comet

Golden Comet Chicken

Golden Comments are a hybrid chicken that is among the favorites for beginner chicken raisers.

This chicken consumes very little food, is friendly, and also requires very little space to live.

You can expect up to 280 eggs a year that is of medium size and brown colored.

3. Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington Chicken

The Buff Orpington chicken is the easiest and most popular chicken to raise.

It is again friendly, soft, and loves human interaction. It also requires minimum space to live in.

You can expect up to 180 eggs a year that is of medium size and brown colored.

4. Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock Chicken

The Plymouth Rock chicken is another great option for chicken raisers who are looking for a unique chicken.

This chicken is friendly, soft, active, and loves to be free-ranged. When it is in the coop it does not require much space.

You can expect up to 200 eggs of medium size and brown color.

5. Leghorn

Leghorn Chicken

If you want a beautiful bird that may be a bit of a challenge then I recommend the Leghorn chicken.

The leghorn chicken is active, is perfect to range gardens, but is not the friendliest around people. It is another chicken that does not require much space.

You can expect up to 250 eggs of medium size and white color.

Chicken Coop Features to Consider

When purchasing a chicken coop there are a few features you should be considering.

These features are not only important for the chicken coop itself, but help increase the health, safety, and life of your chickens.

Before you purchase any chickens or any type of chicken coop I highly recommend reviewing your city’s ordinances. This will quickly help you save time, money, and energy.

Size & Space

Size and Space may be the most important factor you should consider when purchasing a chicken coop.

If you are using one of the 5 recommended chickens on this list then you will need approximately 3 to 4 square feet per chicken inside the coop.

If your chickens will not roam or you live in a very cold climate then it is recommended to have 10 square feet per chicken.

And if you use a movable chicken coop 5 square per chicken is perfect.

And remember, if you are using chickens for meat, if they are all full-grown, or if they are aggressive you will want more room inside the coop.

Finally, if you plan on expanding the number of chickens you have you may want to purchase a larger coop, to begin with, to help minimize long-term costs.

Moveable vs. Stationary

Another important factor to determine is if you will need a moveable or stationary chicken coop.

Most chicken coops are stationary and are suitable for the 5 best chickens for beginners.

You may need a moveable chicken coop if your chickens need to be moved to fresh areas to forage frequently.


When purchasing one of the best chicken coops on this list you should also consider cost into your decision making.

Most of the chicken coops on this list are all within a general price range of each other.

What you will want to factor into your costs though is chicken coop accessories, chicken costs and upkeep, and any additional cost to maintain your coop and land.

Easy Access to Eggs or Chickens

I have worked with several farmers over the years that have told me their biggest mistake was purchasing a chicken coop that was incredibly hard to maneuver in.

When purchasing a chicken coop ensure that you have ease of access to eggs, chickens (if for meat), and the ability to easily clean it.

Chicken Coop Material

There are three types of material that Chicken Coops can be made of; metal, wood, and plastic.

Metal is the least desired material. It is the strongest material but does not insulate well. It also does not ventilate well, which may cause respiratory problems for your chickens.

Wood is the standard material of chicken coops. It is strong and handles the elements very well. It also is great for retaining heat and ventilates well.

Finally, plastic the least common, but is quickly becoming the most popular material.

Plastic coops have average durability and average ventilation. However, it is the easiest to disinfect and access chickens and eggs.

Chicken Runs

One of the most underrated factors to determine when purchasing a chicken coop is whether or not it has a chicken run.

Most chickens cannot and should not live in their chicken coop all day, every day.

Because of this, I recommend purchasing a chicken coop that comes with a chicken run.

A chicken run provides chickens a place to walk around and work without wandering somewhere else.

If your chicken coop does not come with a chicken run then I recommend purchasing one separately here.

Nesting Space

Nesting space is another critical factor you should review before purchasing your chicken coop.

The space should be 2 feet above ground to protect your chickens from predators and weather.

Also, each nesting box should be 6 to 10 inches, so that a chicken can comfortably fit in it. 6 to 10 inches is approximately 1 square foot.


A roost is where a chicken sleeps.

And while roosts aren’t critically important to chickens you should ensure that your coop has them.

When purchasing a chicken coop ensure that it has a roost that is at least 1- feet long for sleeping.


According to modern journal articles, proper ventilation can increase the survival rate of your chickens by 30%.

To help reduce respiratory diseases caused by poor airflow ensure that your chicken coop has plenty of windows and screens.

Elevation and Flooring

Another critical element to chicken coops is elevation and flooring.

Ensure that your chicken coop has a second level that is elevated off the ground. This will provide an increased level of protection for your chickens.

Also, ensure that you have flooring that provides easy access to the nesting boxes for your chickens.

And I always recommend purchasing a fence to put around your chicken coops to help add level protection for your flooring.

Finally, review whether there are any small openings, vents, or unsecured latches that predators can access. There is nothing worse than spending the time, energy, and money only to have your chickens killed.

10 BEST Chicken Coops (By Price)

1. LoveuPet Deluxe Chicken Coop ($120)

Loveupet Chicken Coop
Buy on Amazon

If you are a beginner at raising chickens then the LoveuPet Deluxe Chicken Coop is perfect for you.

This chicken coop holds 2-3 chickens.

It built with heavy-duty pine wood, rain-proof roof, and has incredible air circulation.

It also comes with easy to access ramp, a lockable door for protection against predators, and is incredibly easy to clean.

Not only this, but this chicken coop comes with a large run, mesh wiring for protection, and best of all a great customer service department.


  • Affordable
  • Chicken Run
  • Water-proof Roof
  • Easy to clean

2. Tangkula Large Chicken Coop ($150)

Tangkula Large Chicken Coop
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The Tangkula Large Chicken Coop is another great option for anyone looking to start raising chickens.

This coop is spacious for 2 to 3 chickens and comes with a fantastic nesting box.

It is made with safe and durable fir wood and has a raised perch to keep your chickens safe and dry throughout the year.

What I really enjoy about this coop though is how easy it is to assemble and use.

And it has a removable sliding tray that allows you to quickly and easily clean your coop.


  • Affordable
  • Removable sliding tray
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Raised Perch
  • Chicken Run

3. Lazy Buddy Chicken Coop ($155)

Lazy Buddy Chicken Coop
Buy on Amazon

If you want the penthouse of chicken coops for your chickens then purchase the Lazy Buddy Chicken Coop.

This chicken coop can fit one or two chickens comfortably.

The coop is made of high-quality wood. And because of the paint, the cage is waterproof, corrosion-proof, and UV-resistant.

Also, this chicken coop comes with an extra-large door for easy access to clean and collect eggs.

Best of all is that this chicken coop comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • 12-month warranty.
  • Waterproof, corrosion-proof, and UV-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Chicken Run

4. Petsfit Chicken Coop ($170)

Petsfit Chicken Coop
Buy on Amazon

If you are interested in a chicken coop that can hold 3 to 4 chickens and fits right in with a rural or farm area then you have found it with the Petsfit Chicken Coop.

Unlike other competitors whose roof comes apart, Petsfit has made its chicken coop to have an unmovable roof to help increase durability.

For cleaning and accessing eggs, Petsfit has 3-floor panels that can be easily lifted. This flooring also helps increase airflow and predator protection.

It also has sturdy nesting boxes and a 1-year warranty and an additional 1-year part-replacement warranty.


  • 1-year warranty and 1-year replacement parts
  • Unmovable roof
  • Incredibly airflow construction

5. Merax Chicken Coop ($175)

Merax Chicken Coop
Buy on Amazon

Sometimes when you assemble and position your chicken coop you realize it does not blend in well with its surroundings.

Eliminate this problem with the Merax Chicken Coop. The natural wood color and green asphalt roof blend perfectly with most suburban yard.

This chicken coop is perfectly for 4 to 5 chickens. It comes with a chicken run, nesting box, and a warm sheltered area for resting.

Also, it comes with a removable tray that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

And it comes with a metal pole that helps control the door. This makes accessing your chickens easy while protecting them against predators.


  • Large
  • Affordable
  • Metal Pole for door control
  • Aesthetic pleasing

6. Best Choice Chicken Coop ($210)

best choice chicken coop
Buy on Amazon

When it comes to overall high-quality home and garden products Best Choice Products is one of the best companies out there.

And they have done it again with their chicken coop.

This chicken coop holds up to 4 chickens in a spacious, high-quality home.

There is nothing about this chicken coop that will blow you away. But that is why I love it.

It is made of solid fir wood that will allow it to last a lifetime.

Like competitors, it comes with an easy to access removable tray for cleaning and egg collection. And it has sturdy fencing that allows chickens to roam and be protected from predators.


  • High-Quality
  • Affordable
  • All features come standard

7. Pawhut Chicken Coop ($220)

Pawhut Chicken Coop
Buy on Amazon

The Pawhut Chicken Coop may be my favorite chicken coop on the list.

This Chicken Coop has it all!

It can hold 3 to 4 chickens.

It has one of the longest runs on the market.

Also, it has a perfect nesting box, unbelievable ventilation, and a removable roof to make cleaning and egg collection easy.

And it has a lockable cage door, non-slip ramp, and is made with durable fir.

Best of all is that this chicken coop also comes with a planter so that you can grow vegetables for your family or your chickens.


  • Affordable
  • Large Run
  • Planter Included

8. Zoovilla Chicken Coop ($250)

Zoovilla Chicken Coop
Buy on Amazon

If you are interested in one of the best chicken coops out there with some of the best features on the market then you have found in on Zoovilla.

This chicken coop comes with two large nesting boxes and four lockable doors, the most on the market.

Even better, this chicken coop can hold up to 6 chickens and has a spacious run area for all of them.

Also, the nesting box and run are two separate areas and this chicken coop comes with a removable tray, which makes cleaning it very easy.

And you can expect this to be the only chicken coop you need. It is made with Canadian Hemlock and an asphalt roof.


  • Made with Canadian Hemlock
  • Asphalt Roof
  • Large run and nesting boxes
  • Affordable

9. Snap Lock Standard Chicken Coop ($520)

Snaplock Standard Chicken Coop
Buy on Amazon

By now you can tell most of the best chicken coops are the market are wood and there are or two that are metal.

But plastic chicken coops are fast-becoming the most popular chicken coop type.

And no one does it better than Snaplock Company.

The Snaplock Standard Chicken Coop comes with impact, ultraviolet, weather, and water-resistant material. And even better is that this product is made in the USA.

Also, it does not require any tools to assemble.

And even better is that it has a removable litter tray that makes it as easy to clean as wood chicken coops.

Finally, you can expect to fit 2-3 chickens in this coop.


  • Made in the USA
  • Impact, Ultraviolet, Weather, and Water-resistant plastic
  • No tools required to assemble

10. Snaplock Large Chicken Coop ($775)

Snaplock Large Chicken Coop
Buy on Amazon

The Snaplock Large Chicken Coop is identical to the Snaplock Standard Chicken Coop, but just bigger.

This chicken coop can hold 4-5 chickens compared to the 2-3 that the standard version holds.

This chicken coop comes with plastic that is weather-proof, ultraviolet resistant, water-proof, and chemical resistant.

It also comes with a latched door, removable litter tray, and is made in the USA.


  • Large chicken coop
  • Made with plastic that is weather-proof, UV and chemical resistant, and water-proof.
  • Made in the USA

Chicken Coop Accessories

While purchasing the best chicken coop is a great start to raising chickens there are several accessories that I recommend buying to help you raise chickens better in an easier, time-efficient and less costly way.

Chicken Feeder

Chicken Feeders are essentially to feeding your chickens.

When purchasing a chicken feeder you should purchase one that is easy to clean, easy to refill, and lasts long enough that you don’t have to add food several times a day.

Also, you want a feeder that can survive years of warm and cold weather and chickens accessing the food.

If you want the best Chicken Feeder then I recommend purchasing Harris Farms Chicken Feeder.

This chicken feeder can hold 15 or 30 pounds, is easy to set up and refill, and is made of heavy-duty metal that can last a lifetime.

Chicken Waterer

Not only do your chickens need to eat daily, but they will need to drink daily.

Like a chicken feeder, you want a chicken waterer that is easy to clean, easy to refill, and can last through hot summers and cold winters without breaking.

Because of this, I recommend RentaCoop Waterer. This 2-gallon waterer can last 4 hens up to 5 days long!

Nesting Pads

Nesting pads are another essential chicken coop accessory you will want to purchase.

This is where chickens will stay and lay their eggs.

I recommend the Petmate Precision Nesting Pads.

This nesting pad of flexible wood shavings that ensure a clean, dry surface for chickens to lay their eggs.

This nesting pad is made the USA, very rarely breaks, and is made of compostable material.

Door Opener

A chicken coop door opener is one of my favorite accessories.

It is a great way for chickens to move in and out of their coop with an added level of protection against predators.

Predators are usually the number one reason chickens die during the year.

The problem is some chicken coop door openers are hard to install, complex, and don’t work.

Because of this, I recommend the Add-A-Motor Automatic Door.

This heavy-duty door takes only 15 minutes to install. It has an incredibly powerful motor and can connect to any chicken coop door.

Heat Lamp

If you live in a climate that has weather below freezing a heat lamp is a must.

While all the chickens on this list are hardy, they will not survive freezing temperatures.

Because of this, I recommend purchasing the BYB Heat Emitter.

This simple heat emitter that is easy to install will keep your chickens warm 24 hours a day.

Depending on the size of your chicken coop and the number of chickens you may want to purchase several.

Chicken Coop Care

Purchasing one of the best chicken coops on this list will put you and your chickens in a great place for a long-time.

But if you want to extend your chicken coop’s life, save time and money, and even extend the life of your chickens you will want to do the following:

  • Let chickens out of the coop daily. Exercise will increase the lifespan of your chickens and lifespan on your chicken coop.
  • Collect eggs daily. Too many eggs can cause a disruption in the egg-laying process. And this may cause chickens to eat their own eggs.
  • Clean the coop daily. One of the main reasons chickens die or do not live long is because of disease from uncleanly coops.
  • Check your chickens daily. If they are sick, diseased, or aggressive it will be critical to remove them immediately. This will prevent the destruction of other chickens or your coop.
  • Provide dirt outside of your chicken coop. This will allow chickens to clean themselves of pests and parasites, which can get into a chicken coop and ruin it.
  • Manage the bedding of your chicken coop monthly
  • Freshes your nest boxes monthly
  • Replace or clean watering and feed dishes monthly.

If you are a better visual learner than I recommend watching the below video to learn how to clean and maintain your chicken coop:


As we have talked about above, if you purchase one of the best chicken coops above you will not be disappointed.

The type of chicken coop you purchase should solely be based on your needs and the type of chickens you grow. You should also pay extra close attention to your city ordinances.

If you want to have the most success after you buy your chicken coop then I recommend doing the following:

  • Purchase one of the five chicken types listed above. This will make raising your chickens easy and successful.
  • Purchase all of the chicken coop accessories. This will ensure that your chickens stay healthy and live a long life.
  • Make sure you feed and provide water to your chickens daily.
  • Clean your chicken coop daily to help increase the lifespan of your chickens

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