101 Gardening Tips that ACTUALLY Work

gardening tips

Are you in need of Gardening Tips to help take your gardening from good to great?

Are you a beginner gardener that wants easy and quick ideas for success?

Or are you just tired of finding tips that don’t pertain to you?


After working with experts in the field for years, surveying fellow gardeners, and spending countless hours researching, I have created 101 Gardening Tips that ACTUALLY Work.

What you’ll love about this article is that these tips are EASY, QUICK, CHEAP, and PROVEN to work!

Garden Tips Criteria

In order to provide you with the best gardening tips that ACTUALLY work, I have specifically looked at several different criteria.

Does it work

The most important criteria you should look for in a gardening tip is the consistent success of the tip.

Too many times a gardening tip may work for one gardener, but not another. Or it may work, but nor consistently.

All of the gardening tips on this list work consistently.


Another important criteria you should look for in a gardening tip is how easy it is.

All the gardening tips on this list can be done regardless of your skill level.


Everyone loves gardening, but not everyone wants to spend all day working on a specific tip.

Because of this all of my gardening tips should take you less than 30 minutes to learn.


Another important criteria you should look for in a gardening tip is how expensive or inexpensive it is.

All of the gardening tips on this list are inexpensive, regardless of your income level.


Finally, gardening tips should be proven. They should be well-known, used by experts, and used by commercials and professionals.

All of the gardening tips on this list have been proven!

Garden Prep (Gardening Tips #1-12)

1. Use the BEST Composter

One of the easiest and most beneficial gardening tips to prepare for the upcoming season is using a composter.

Not only is composting easy and fun, but it’s an effective way to add nutrients to your garden.

Therefore, I recommend the easiest technique: Tumbling

You can purchase my favorite composter, the Yimby Tumbler at

Amazon – Buy Now

Learn more in my below articles:

Winter Composting (10 PROVEN Tips)

2. Buy a Soil Tester

Do you know the number one reason why gardeners fail?

It’s because they try planting fruits and vegetables in the wrong type of soil.

Fix this problem by testing your soil first.

I recommend: Sonkir Soil pH Meter

Garden Soil Tester
Amazon – Buy Now

3. Use Worms

Want to know some of the greatest gardeners’ gardening tips? They prepare for the next season by composting with Worms. Yes! Worms!

I recommend the following worm composter: Worm Factory 360

Amazon – Buy Now

4. Cultivate, In the Spring & Fall

Mantis Tiller

Most gardeners cultivate their soil before the season in the spring.

Want better gardening tips though?

A more effective technique is tilling at the end of the season to restore nutrients back into the soil. And then again the spring.

Therefore, if you need a tiller, I recommend reading my article:

The 10 BEST Tillers for All Gardening Needs

5. Identify the BEST location

You may have a general idea where you want your garden. You may also think you have found the best spot for your flowers or herbs.

But is it really?

If you want your experience to be as successful as possible then research the location of your garden.

Does it get enough sunlight? Does it get enough shade and wind? Is it overly exposed to the elements?

These are just a few gardening tips for you.

6. Prune Every Spring

Do you prune every spring?

If not, I highly recommend it. Most fruit and flower bearing trees won’t actually produce a yield unless you prune them.

The secret to pruning though is knowing when. ALWAYS prune after the last frost. Never before.

Here is a great video on how to prune citrus fruit trees:

And if you are looking for a pair of pruning shear then I recommend reading my article: 12 Best Pruning Shears.

7. Know the Last Frost Date

Are you ready for more gardening tips?

Do you want to know what kills plants the fastest? A frost in early spring or one that comes earlier than expected in fall.

Don’t let this happen to you. Find out when your last frost date is below:

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

8. Learn Your Hardy Zone

Here is one more of those great gardening tips for you.

Have you been eyeing a new plant for your yard, but are not sure if it will survive?

Check out the link below.

It will tell you what hardy zone you are in.

Very simply, this number will tell you what and what NOT to grow.

USDA Hardiness Zone Finder

9. Neem Oil is a MUST

Are you planning on growing fruit trees?

If so, using Neem Oil is a MUST. Very simply, Neem Oil is a tool that prevents fungicide and pests in the spring.

Personally speaking, when I use it I have lots of edible fruit. When I don’t I literally end up with next to nothing.

I recommend AG Neem Oil

neem oil
View Price on Amazon

10. Create a Garden Design

Have you ever been so excited to garden that you just plant your crops in the first spot you see?

One of the BEST Gardening Tips is to create a Garden Design.

This will allow you to know exactly what should be planted. It will also allow you to understand where you should plants crops and how to rotate them.

11. Save & Use Fall Leaves

Does this sound like you? Every fall you either rake your leaves or have your lawnmower mulch them?

If so, try saving fall leaves and use them for a winter compost. Adding fall leaves to your compost will change it from good to great.

Now that just one of many gardening tips I have for you!

12. Use the BEST Food for Composting

Food Composting

There are certain foods you can compost and some that you cannot.

Learn about the BEST Foods to compost in my article below:

Ultimate Composting Guide: What to Compost

Planting (Tips #13-53)

13. Build a Greenhouse

garden greenhouse

This may be one of my favorite gardening tips.

I get it. This is a big one. But if you want to plant year-round, I highly recommend building a greenhouse.

I personally own an unheated one. It was cheap to build. Cheap to maintain. And allows me to garden year-round.

I personally recommend: Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse

Amazon – Buy Now

14. Build a Raised Garden Bed

So a Greenhouse isn’t your thing. But you are still interested in extending your growing season.

Here is another great gardening tip!

raised garden bed

Build a raised garden build! This will allow you to garden earlier and longer than most of your neighbors.

I personally recommend:Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Bed

View Price on Amazon

15. Plant Winter Wheat

Want one of the best gardening tips I bet your neighbors aren’t doing?

Plant Winter Wheat.

winter wheat

It will help prevent weeds over the winter and spring. Best of all, you can cultivate it into your soil in the spring to add valuable nutrients.

Buy on Amazon

16. Attract Bees

Want to help your fruits, vegetables, and herbs bear as much yield as possible?

Then Attract Bees!

I would highly recommend planting Catmint, Calendula, and Bee Balm!

You can also read my article: 50 USEFUL Plants that Attract Bees to Your Garden.

17. Attract Butterflies

Do you want another one of those great gardening tips? How about another great pollinator?

The butterfly.

Not only is it beautiful, but can help pollinate all of your flowering buds this spring.

I would highly recommend planting Butterfly Bushes, Daylily, and Bee Balm.


Check out more ideas at Monarchbutterflygarden

18. Attract Hummingbirds

Is there anything as majestic as the hummingbird?

While they aren’t the best pollinators, they sure are pretty cool.

I recommend planting Trumpet Vines, Trumpet Honeysuckle, and Red Cardinal Flower.


If you want to learn how to attract more hummingbirds to your garden then read my article: How to Attract Hummingbirds: 44 PROVEN Tips.

19. Plant Citronella

Do you want to repel mosquitos, but don’t want to use spray?

Then plant citronellas around your patio!

citronella plant

These plants will naturally repel mosquitos and allow you to enjoy your garden from your patio.

View Price on Amazon

20. Buy a Heat Mat

Want to start growing your plants inside with seeds?

Then a heat mat is a simple and cheap way to help keep your seeds at the appropriate temperature.

I recommend Plant Heating Mat.

plant heating set
View Price on Amazon

21. Use a Grow Light

Here is another one of those great gardening tips!

Do you plan on growing crops from seed? Will they get enough sunlight?

If not make a purchase that will last a lifetime and get a heat light.

Therefore, I recommend the best one out there: Hydrofarm Grow Light

grow light
View Price on Amazon

22. Plant Succulents


Are you interested in gardening, but don’t have space or time to do it outside?

Then grow beautiful succulents! These are guaranteed to be the talk of all your house guests.

View one of my favorite Succulent Gardening Books: Succulents Simplified

23. Grow Hops


Want to grow something that most of your neighbors can’t?

Try growing Hops!

Hops don’t only look cool and smell great, but have many uses!

You can use them in beer making. Soap. Potpourri. And so much more!

I would stick with a classic rhizome like the Cascade and purchase through Amazon:

View Price on Amazon

And if you need great instructions to grow hops then I recommend reading my article: How to Grow Hops: 5 EASY Tricks for Better Hops!

24. Buy Kid Gloves

kids gloves

What better way to bond with your kids than over gardening.

If your children are like my child then they will want to help during every step.

Keep your kids’ hands clean with a good pair of gloves.

View Price on Amazon

25. Buy a “Kid” Wheelbarrow

kid wheelbarrow

If your child is like mine then she wants to help. She will literally do anything I ask.

Make gardening fun and easy for your children and buy them a wheelbarrow.

View Price on Amazon

26. Use a Ruler

How often do you find yourself guessing how deep to plant a seed?

Why not be as effective as possible and buy a ruler

View Price on Amazon

27. Try Aquaponics

Aquaponic Gardening Book

It takes time. It takes effort. But Aquaponic gardening may very well change your world.

If you want to garden in the winter then give aquaponics a try. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular techniques among gardeners.

Here is a great book to get started with Aquaponic Gardening

28. Grow Mushrooms

growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms

Mushrooms are amazing. Not only are they are a great source of food, but they provide amazing nutrients.

If you want a new challenge then I highly recommend growing and harvesting mushrooms!

Before you begin harvesting mushrooms it is critical you take the necessary education. The wrong type of mushroom can be deadly.

A great resource is a book Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

29. Plant Cherry Bushes

romeo cherry bush

Do you love Cherries, but don’t have space for large trees?

Then you HAVE to plant a Cherry Bush.

I personally recommend a Romeo or Juliet Cherry Bush. They taste identical to cherries from trees.

In addition, they only grow to about 5 to 7 feet. Therefore, this is perfect for tight spaces or urban living.

Buy on Amazon

30. Grow Plants from Seed

Do you want a challenge and fulfilling gardening experience?

Then I highly recommend growing your plants from seed.

Learn everything you need to know about growing plants from seeds in thegardeningdad’s articles:

How to Grow Tomatoes from Seed (7 EASY Steps)

How to Grow Lavender from Seed (15 SIMPLE Tips)

31. Water Before Transplanting

Are you ready for some more of the best gardening tips?

Want a gardening tip that will take less than 1 minute?

Water your plants before transplanting to another pot or outside.

By watering your plants before transplanting you will reduce the overall stress the plant will have. In addition, it will help keep your soil intact much more effectively.

32. Plant Herbs in Pots

Garden Pots

Do you love herbs, but are worried about them taking over your garden?

Then I highly recommend planting herbs in pots.

They will grow just as effective as in the ground. In addition, they will not spread and take over your garden. This is especially handy for herbs like mint or oregano.

If you would are interested in purchasing pots, please use the link below:

View Price on Amazon

33. Use Gardening Gloves

Pine Tree Tool Working Gloves

Are you like me and love gardening, but hate how long it takes to get the dirt off your hands.

Then eliminate this nuisance and purchase a pair of gardening gloves.

I personally recommend: Pine Tree Tools Working Gloves

View Price on Amazon

34. Plant Native Species

Do you ever have trouble growing plants in your garden?

If so, I recommend planting native species. These are easier to grow and are native to your state.

Find what native species belong in your zip code below:

Native Plants Finder

35. Dig the Right Size Hole

If you want to give your fruit tree the best start to its life then you have to dig the right size hole.

I highly recommend digging a hole the size of the root ball of the tree.

This will prevent unnecessary stress on your tree while giving its roots the most room to grow.

36. Consider Containers

dwarf meyer lemon tree

Do you want to expand your growing season or what you can grow?

Then I highly recommend growing some of your plants in containers!

Citrus Trees, herbs, Cherry Bushes, and so much more can be grown all year round in any climate.

Learn how to grow your trees in containers in thegardeningdad’s articles below:

How to Grow Lemon Trees in Pots (18 PROVEN Tips)

37. Plant Perrenials

perennial plants

Do you not have enough time to garden every year? What about wanting to enjoy your favorite plants every year?

Then plant perennials! You plant them once and they come in every year!

Talk about one of the best gardening tips out there!

38. Plant Annuals

annual plant

Do you like trying something different every year in your garden?

Then plant annuals!

These come up once a year. So if you mess up or don’t like planting the same plants every year then annuals are perfect for you.

Added bonuses, some of the most unique plants are annuals.

39. Don’t Grow Too Much

Want to get really good at gardening?

Then don’t grow too much too fast.

Get really good at one or two plants and then every year try adding one or two new plants to your garden every year.

40. Grow Heirlooms


Want to grow the best species of plants out there?

Then use Heirloom seeds.

These contain all the characteristics of the original plant. Furthermore, these produce the most beautiful and tasty fruits and vegetables you’ll ever have.

41. Vertical Gardening

vertical gardening

Do you have limited space? Are you interested in trying a unique type of gardening?

Then I highly recommend leveraging vertical gardening.

This is when you use a trellis or support to grow your vegetables, fruit, and flowers vertically.

Perfect for urban living and small spaces.

42. Rotate Crops

Do you rotate your crops every year?

If not you NEED to.

When designing a garden create a plan to rotate your crops every year.

This will be critical to minimize depleting essential nutrients from the soil. This typically happens when you plant the same plants in the same spots every year.

43. Use Cuttings

Are you interested in gardening for free?

Then use cuttings from friends, neighbors, and fellow gardeners’ gardens. By using cuttings or parts of other plants you can enjoy gardening in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Please enjoy the 4 minute tutorial on how to take cuttings below:

44. Use the Right Tools

Garden Tool Set

If you are a gardener you probably use an array of tools.

But using the best and RIGHT tools can make all the difference. It can be the difference between saving you time, energy, and money.

Check out my article: 33 UNIQUE Gardening Gifts for Everyone

45. Grow Crops that You Can Store

growing garlic

I don’t know about you, but my garden tends to produce more crops than we can eat all at once.

It’s nice to give your yield away to friends, family, and neighbors. But if you want to enjoy your harvest year round then I recommend planting crops that can be stored or frozen.

Some great examples include carrots, peppers, corn, beans, blackberries, blueberries, garlic, etc.

46. Plant Organic

organic gardening

Want to eat healthier? And be better for Earth?

Then grow organic.

This is when you grow plants without using any type of chemical grow for growth or protecting it against pests.

47. Plant Shrubs Near your House

Do you enjoy gardening? Do you want to protect your house from wind and cold?

Then plant shrubs and trees near your house. This will protect your house from wind gusts, snow, and cold.

48. Use Soap before Gardening

Is it safe to assume after gardening that you have dirt in your nails?

Want to know one of the best gardening tips out there to prevent this?

Before heading to the garden run your fingers through the soap. Wait five minutes for the soap to harden under your nails.

This will act as protection, not allowing any type of dirt to get under your nails!

49. Fertilize Immediately After Planting

Here is another one of those simple, but great gardening tips.

As soon as you plant your crop do the following. Apply fertilizer. And then apply a soaking of water.

Studies have shown that fertilizer applied immediately after planting expediates growth by at least 1 week.

50. Use a Wheelbarrow


I love gardening. My body, on the other hand, doesn’t always feel the same.

Make your life easy and buy a Wheelbarrow.

I personally recommend: Marathon Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow

View Price on Amazon

51. Grow High-Value Crops

Are you interested in making money off of your garden? Or using it for trade?

Then grow high-value crops!

This includes heirloom plants, peaches, strawberries, and anything else that consumers crave!

52. Use Plant Markers

plant labels
View Price on Amazon

I do a lot of embarrassing things in life.

But do you want to know one thing I don’t do? Forget where I plant my crops.

That’s because I use plant markers.

I recommend purchasing Ishua Garden Markers

53. Repel Ants


Are you interested in gardening tips to get rid of ants?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Not only are ants an annoyance, but they can cause quite the damage to your crops.

Plant crops like mint, rosemary, lavender, etc. to help prevent ants from taking over your garden.

Caring (Tips# 52-74)

54. Buy a Thermometer

Garden Thermometer
View Price on Amazon

Do you know why one of the main reasons plants die in the summer?

Heat and humidity.

Solve this problem by purchasing a gardening thermometer to monitor how hot and how much humidity is in the air.

I personally recommend: ThermoPro Digital Thermometer

55. Clean Your Pruners

fiskars pruners

This may be the easiest, but least used caring tip.

I recommend cleaning your pruners at least once a month, especially after pruning diseased plants.

This is because most diseases can be transferred from one plant to another through your pruners.

The best way to clean pruners is to wash them in a cup that is filled with a solution that contains 70% alcohol. After washing, make sure you dry the pruners to help prevent rust.

56. Prune

What’s the simplest way to help your plants grow strong and produce more fruit?

Prune them!

Pruning will guarantee your plants properly grow and have the highest yield per season.

Check out this video on how to prune apple trees:

57. Use Fencing

Deer Fence
View Price on Amazon

Below, maybe one of the most critical gardening tips.

If you are reading this tip you most likely have a pest problem. It may be deer, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, groundhogs, etc.

If you want to give your plants the best chance to grow and prevent the headache of having pests destroy your garden then use a fence.

I recommend: Deerblock Netting and Fence

58. Bring Your Plants Inside

Did you know most of your outdoor plants can be brought indoors?

If you want to extend your gardening season then bring your plants inside. In addition, this will help protect them from mother nature and pests!

59. Use a Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel
View Price on Amazon

Ever notice your garden seems to shoot up after a rain?

That’s because rainwater contains a much higher level of nitrogen than water from a hose.

If you want to give your garden all the nutrients it needs then use a rain barrel to gain rainwater.

I recommend purchasing: Good Ideas 40 Gallon Wizard Rain Barrel:

60. Don’t Water in the Middle of the Day

Do you ever wonder when the best time of the day is to water?

Definitely not in the middle of the day.

Watering during the middle of the day (heat of the day) will increase the chance of your plants “burning” or becoming scorched.

In addition, if you water during the middle of the day there is a greater chance of evaporation. This makes it incredibly inefficient.

61. Water an Inch a Week

Have you ever wondered how much you should water a week?

Based on scientific studies your plants need about an inch of water a week.

This can be accomplished in one good soak a week. Or this can be accomplished with watering twice a week for just a little bit at a time.

62. Water in the Morning

So when is the best time to water?

You want to water your plants in the morning. This allows your plants to fully absorb the nutrients in the most effective manner.

In addition, this gives them extra protection during the heat of the day. You wouldn’t want to be dehydrated and neither does your plants.

63. Use Tomato Stakes

tomato stake
View Price on Amazon

Some plants need a little extra support. If not the plants could snap from the weight of heavy fruit.

Because of this, I recommend using Tomato Stakes. The best part is tomato stakes can be used on any plant, not just tomatoes.

I recommend: EasyGo Stakes

64. Deadhead Flowers

Do you want beautiful flowers all year round?

Then deadhead your flowers as soon as they begin to wilt. This will allow more flowers to be produced. This will also allow your plant to flower longer into the season.

65. Use Preen

View Price on Amazon

Have you ever noticed after planting crops in your garden you tend to get a lot of weeds?

If you want an effective way to prevent weeds then use Preen.

When applied right after your initial planting this can dramatically reduce or eliminate weeds.

An added bonus is it helps to give your plants a boost for growth too.

66. Mulch

Want another tip to prevent weeds?

Then mulch your crops as you plant them. This will not only prevent weeds but also help your plants retain moisture.

67. Weed Early & Often

Here is another idea for Best Gardening Tips.

Weed Early. Weed Often

Make sure you weed as soon as you see them begin to sprout. And do it often. Weeds can quickly sprout and take over your garden.

By doing it early and often you can help give your plants the best chance to grow and maintain their space.

68. Use Deer Spray

deer repellant
View Price on Amazon

Deer. Beautiful animals to watch. But real terrors for your garden.

Help prevent them from eating and destroying your garden by using deer spray.

I recommend Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent.

69. Use a Spray Bottle for Watering

spray bottle
View Price on Amazon

Do you want another one of those best gardening tips?

Then use a spray bottle for watering seeds and small plants.

This will prevent your seeds from being flooded, causing them to die.

70. Use the Correct Garden Hose

A hose is a hose correct?


Make sure you use the correct hose for the correct purpose. Learn more in my below article:

10 BEST Garden Hoses

71. Use a Garden Protector

Plant Cover

Do you want another one of the best gardening ideas to extend your growing season?

Then use a freeze protector.

This will not only extend your garden season into late fall but will protect your garden from pests.

72. Make Life Easier with a Garden Sprayer

Tabor Tools Garden Sprayer
View Price on Amazon

Applying pesticides and applications to your garden can be long and hard.

Make it easier by using a Garden Sprayer.

This will make gardening easy and efficient.

Harvesting (Tips #73-77)

73. Trade and Share

What is more fulfilling then harvesting and using your own crops? Sharing it with friends, family, and neighbors.

In addition, there are plenty of facebook and gardening clubs where you can trade with each other.

This is great if you don’t have a big garden or want to try a variety of crops.

Join my gardening community on facebook: thegardeningdad.

74. Buy a Basket

burpee garden basket
View Price on Amazon

Have you ever harvested your fruits and vegetables to only realize you have nothing to carry them in?

If so, you need to purchase a garden basket. This is great for not only carrying your yield from the garden to your house but also for protection.

75. Pick Early & Often

Are you interested in increasing your yield?

Then pick early and often.

If you pick early then your plants have a greater chance to grow additional flowers that can bloom into a fruit.

The more you pick the more chances to have additional flowers grow and bloom.

76. Save Seeds

Did you harvest some of your best yields ever?

If so, save the seeds.

By saving and reusing seeds you will not only save money but will also have a greater chance of replicating your yield every year.

77. Use a Cleaning Station

Garden Cleaning Station
View Price on Amazon

What is worse than bringing dirty crops into the house to clean? An upset GardeningWife!!!!

Because of this, I recommend using a cleaning station in your garden or right by your house.

I personally recommend Outsunny Portable Folding Camping Table:

Education (Tips #78-90)

78. Join a Gardening Club

Are you interested in learning more about gardening?

Then I recommend joining a local gardening club. Not only will this help improve your gardening skills, but it is a great way to meet new people.

In addition, this is a great way to practice and find new gardening techniques!

79. Enroll in a Class

Are you interested in learning more about the art and science of gardening?

Then I highly recommend enrolling in a class.

One of the best programs in the country is offered by The Ohio State University

80. Work on a Farm

Are books not for you? Do you learn better with actually practicing?

Then find a local farm and volunteer your services. This is a great way to help your community while improving your skillset.

One of the best programs out there is Countryside Conservancy in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

81. Read a Blog

The internet has a plethora of information on almost any topic you can think of.

Do yourself a favor and continue reading TheGardeningDad.com for more great gardening ideas!

82. Write a Blog

Are you interested in gardening? Helping others? And love writing?

Then write a blog. There is no better way to learn about gardening then researching and writing topics you and others are interested in.

83. Buy a Book

year-round vegetable gardening

Need a good book to read during the winter? How about a step-by-step guide on how to garden?

Then I highly recommend reading my article 44 Best Gardening Books (You WANT to Read) and picking any book to read

84. Join a Facebook Group

Do you not have access to a local gardening club or a farm?

Then join a facebook group? This is a great way to learn, share, and collaborate with others in a social setting online.

85. Use Pinterest

Are you interested in learning the best and latest techniques in gardening?

Then join Pinterest!

This is a great way to find DIY ideas, step-by-step instructions and pictures, and links to great gardening sites.

View all my Pinterest Pins at TheGardeningDad

86. Join Instagram

Interested in seeing amazing pictures, while learning best gardening tips?

Then join Instagram and check out the.gardening.dad.

87. Just Do It

You can read as much as you want and talk to others as much as you, but that isn’t the same thing as doing it is it?

The best way to educate yourself is take a chance and DO IT!

88. Garden with a Kid

Do you have a child, grandchild, or niece/nephew?

Then garden with a kid. It is a great way to help educate them and my guess is you’ll learn something too.

89. Garden with a Significant Other

Can you imagine anything better than spending a beautiful summer day with your significant other?

I can! Spend it gardening with them.

What a great way to not only bond but educate each other on the joys of gardening.

90. Watch Youtube

Sometimes you just need to see an expert do something to learn.

One of my favorite gardening education tips is to watch youtube.

Diversify Gardening (Tips #91-101)

91. Start a Beehive


Does your plants need a little help gardening?

Then I recommend starting a beehive. Not only will this help the pollination of your plants, but will help diversify your gardening.

If you need assistance starting a Beehive then read my article: How to Make a Beehive: 8 Simple Tips

92. Get Chickens

chicken coop
View Price on Amazon

Are you interested in becoming self-sufficient or a homesteader?

Then start a chicken coop! Chickens are not only great for producing eggs and poultry but can help keep your grass at bay.

If you want to learn about the best chicken coops then I recommend reading 10 Best Chicken Coops for ALL Chickens.

93. Plant Flowers


Are you interested in adding color and scents into your garden?

Then plant flowers!

This is a great way to diversify your garden while adding a group of plants that can help with pollinating your other plants

94. Buy a Cow


A little extreme I know.

But if you have space and resources then a cow is perfect. It can provide milk, fertilize your yard, and provide meat!

94. Adopt a Goat


Is there anything better than goat yoga?

Yes! Use a goat for milk, cheese, and to help keep your grass at bay. Goats are a great way to diversify your gardening.

95. Grow Berry Bushes

blackberry bush

Do you want the gift that keeps on giving?

Plant a berry bush? Not is this a great way to keep the weeds away, but it will provide fruit year in and year out.

95. Grow Fruit Trees

apple tree

I love vegetable gardening and fruit bushes.

But if you want to take your gardening to the next level then plant a fruit tree.

It may take years before you can reap the reward, but when you do it will be better than anything else you’ve ever planted

96. Try Something Unusual

hardy kiwi

A few years ago my parents bought me something a bit unusual.

A hardy kiwi vine! Talk about unusual!

Have a little fun and plant something unusual. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

97. Plant Something you Shouldn’t

pineapple plant

Pineapples don’t belong in Ohio. But I’ve grown them.

Try planting something that you shouldn’t for your hardy zone. With the right preparation, you can plan almost anything!

98. No-Till Gardening

If you are looking for more great gardening tips then you have found it.

Try notill gardening. It may be a little tricky at first, but can help your garden easier than ever before.

99. Produce Cheese


Do you a very different type of gardening tip?

Make your own cheese!

Talk about a great way to diversify your gardening!

100. Grow Beer Ingredients


Want more unique gardening tips?

Grow wheat, rye, and other beer ingredients. Not only is this a great way to diversify your gardening, but it can provide valuable plants for beer makers.

101. Add a Pond

Want to take your garden and homestead to the next level?

Add a pond to your garden. You can place numerous fish and plants in it. What a wonderful way to add to your garden!


Whether you are a beginner or advanced gardener 101 Gardening Tips That ACTUALLY Work has something for everyone!

This article provides you with tips for fruit, herb, flower, and vegetable gardening.

More specifically, you should have easy, quick, and proven tips for:

  • Prepping your garden
  • Planting
  • Caring
  • Harvesting
  • Education
  • Diversifying

All of these gardening tips will provide you with easy, effective, efficient, and USEFUL ways to improve your gardening.

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